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The Holistic Human Optimization Show
Ronnie Landis on Existential Transformation, Psychedelics, Relationships, Entrepreneurship, & Living a Faith Based Life
November 17, 2017 Ronnie Landis
Ronnie Landis was recently interviewed by Rebekah Freedom on her podcast, Heard but not seen, which dives into all manner of existential and transformative topics very few podcasts are willing to go. This was a very raw, vulnerable, and open ended conversation where Ronnie bears his soul on many topics including his childhood upbringing as a martial artist, growing up without a father, existential anxiety, his experience and views on psychedelic plant medicines, intimate relationships, crashing and burning in business, and living a faith based life through all the challenges and set backs. This will be sure to inspire you, empower you, and give you a deeper insight into who Ronnie is and what his mission in life is all about. Enjoy!
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