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156 | Jenna Rose Longoria: Hormone Balancing & The Dangers of Birth Control Pills
August 29, 2018 Ronnie Landis
Jenna's relationship with food was not always pleasant. She used to be a chronic dieter, and her weight was constantly yo-yoing. She also suffered for many years from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which caused her to have painful and irregular periods, anxiety, as well as ovarian cysts that kept putting her in and out of the hospital. Her hormones were all over the place, and as a result she felt tired, bloated, and moody all the time. As you can imagine, she was miserable! Even more frustrating is that all the doctors she went to for help couldn’t find out what was wrong with me, and all they wanted to do was prescribe me the birth control pill to mask the problem! But then one day something magical happened. She STOPPED DIETING AND DITCHED THE BIRTH CONTROL PILL. Jenna Rose Longoria: Ronnie Landis:
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