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157 | Brittney Bergen: Activate Your Full Potential for Health & Well Being
September 05, 2018 Ronnie Landis
Brittney Bergen started doing CrossFit 5 years ago in the basement of her house as a science teacher in a northern First Nations community. CrossFit lead her to taking her nutrition seriously and introduced her to powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. Since then, Brittney had two podium finishes in powerlifting Nationals, a first place finish at the North American Powerlifting Championships, and has competed in two Olympic Weightlifting nationals. Recently, Brittney has migrated her movement practice into the yoga world. She still picks up a barbell here and there, but she is more fascinated by the true meaning of the word “yoga”: bringing her body, mind, and spirit into union. Brittney is passionate about uplifting the world by helping individuals become fully-expressed. Brittney Bergen: Ronnie Landis:
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