BrokenGirl Unchained Podcast

Redefining the Term M.I.L.F: Interview with Stacey from MILF Mobb

December 10, 2020 Juliet / Stacey Milf Mobb / Mike Season 2 Episode 8
BrokenGirl Unchained Podcast
Redefining the Term M.I.L.F: Interview with Stacey from MILF Mobb
Show Notes

Juliet and Mike sit down with Stacey, owner of MILF Mobb. The company is looking to redefine the term MILF from the current connotation to a new acronym: Mama Is Looking/Living Fabulous. MILF Mobb sells kits that are designed to keep busy moms feeling and looking fabulous, while running their often hectic lives. Juliet and Mike talk with Stacey about how she began her entrepreneurial journey and the goals she has for her company, brand, and working moms everywhere. BrokenGirl Unchained supports strong women like Stacey who are striking out on their own and creating opportunities for success. Check out MILF Mobb online and on instagram @thamilfnextdoor. 

From the Milf Mobb website:

In the #MilfMobb community we are redefining the term MILF to Mama Is Looking Fabulous! 

Our goal is to help Mama's keep in touch with their inner sexy by providing Mama's a #MilfMobb Milf Maintenance Kit. Our Milf Maintenance Kit is subscription box featuring items focused on keeping MILFS looking and living fabulously!

Our company is single mother owned, and our team is mama powered. From one MILF to the next, we have hand selected items just for you! These items are meant to keep you sexy, sane and looking fabulous!

The modern day MILF, is a multitasking, supermom, mom boss, entrepreneur, coach, teacher, doctor, diaper changing, therapist, taxi, atm, chef, housekeeper, dog walker, clothes washing expert, boo boo kisser, home engineer, all in one day. Then, we wake up and do it again! 

#MilfMobb is meant to remind Mamas that Self-Care is necessary! We encourage you to take care of yourself with long warm baths, facials, and pop on those lashes, even if yours just around the house. We aim to motivate and inspire other mamas to live their best life! Wear that sexy dress, go dancing with your friends, take that trip to bahamas with the girls and have the confidence you did BEFORE you started having kids because MAMA IS LOOKING FABULOUS and MAMA IS LIVING FABULOUS!

To our fellow Milfs that may have lost their way and may have forgot about their inner milf, we encourage them by donating a portion of our proceeds to victims of domestic violence, sex trafficking, and mental health services for women."

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