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Episode 24 (Part1) - Mike Pegg - The Positive Encourager

June 11, 2020 Terry Smith Season 2 Episode 12
Music Talks
Episode 24 (Part1) - Mike Pegg - The Positive Encourager
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My guest in this episode is a gentleman called Mike Pegg, who has been a mentor and friend for almost 25 years. 

As you will hear Mike has been a big influence on me, and he is a man full of ideas, insights, and words. So many words in fact that our discussion ran just over two hours. 

Now I do edit these episodes, but I wasn’t about to cut out almost a half of this conversation, and so, we have our first two-part episode with Part 1 being published today (11th June)  and Part 2 going out in a week’s time  (Thursday 18th June) .

In what can only be described as challenging times I found Mike's story,  and his comments and insights , to be thought provoking, inspirational and comforting. I hope you find the same.

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Mike Pegg Bio 

Mike has spent the past 40 years helping people to build on their strengths and achieve their picture of success. His many books include The Strengths Way, The Art of Mentoring, The Super Teams Book, The Strengths Toolbox and Strengths Coaching In 90 Minutes, the latter co-authored with Sue Moore. His Bio is below
Mike's early work was captured in the 1972 BBC documentary Escape To Fulfilment (see 
This described the pioneering therapeutic community he ran for young people who were encouraged to : 

  •  Take responsibility;
  •  Build on their strengths;
  • Manage the consequences of their weaknesses.

 They then encouraged each other to stay healthy and achieve success. 

In 1974 Mike set-up his own company dedicated to helping people to build on their strengths and achieve ongoing success. Invited to work in Scandinavia, he spent over a decade there educating leaders in schools, business and sports.
His approach has always been to study, simplify and share what works. This has led to providing practical tools that people have used to build super teams and superb organisations. These have been adopted by organisations to build excellence cultures, rather than excuse cultures. They have delivered a clear story, strategy and road to success.

 Mike's style is encouraging and generous, but it is also extremely clear. He only works with people, teams and organisations that aim to be positive, professional and peak performers. Many organisations report that this approach works. People take away practical tools they can use to deliver peak performance.

A strong advocate of sharing knowledge, Mike set up The Strengths Foundation. The Foundation's site is packed with positive models and practical tools that people can download and use in their own way. You can access this know-how at: 

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