The Active Amputee - English Edition
TAA 044: Staying safe outdoors in winter - despite an amputation
TAA 044: Staying safe outdoors in winter - despite an amputation 13:01 TAA 043: Meet Peter Franzel, Head of Events & Exhibitions at Ottobock 28:57 TAA 042: Meet Sydney Marshburn, Events & Outreach Manager for ROMP 34:19 TAA 041: Meet Jennifer Howland, the VP Marketing, Sales and Product at Click Medical 40:38 TAA 040: Meet Jimmy Capra, co-founder and CEO of Click Medical 36:48 TAA 039: Meet Kyle Stepp, para triathlete, community organizer, and activist 40:17 TAA 038: Meet Joe Mahon, the founder of Click Medical 49:35 TAA 037: Phantom pain after limb loss 11:57 TAA 036: Meet Jodie St. Clair from Learners and Makers 37:38 TAA 035: What's in my amputee emergency repair kit? 20:09 TAA 034: Hiking up East Timor's highest mountain to raise funds for people with disabilities 15:33 TAA 033: Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month Special - Did you know that...? 27:25 TAA 032: Meet Nate Denofre, a double amputee who canoed the length of the Mississippi 30:50 TAA 031: Meet Lasse Madsen from the sports tech startup Levitate 22:26 TAA 030: Lifehacks for a good fit of your socket 11:04 TAA 029: Meet Enock Glidden: Developing a can-do attitude and achieving your goals 31:19 TAA 028: Flying as an above-knee amputee 16:46 TAA 027: Hiking in the Himalayas 16:23 TAA 026: Four seasons - four regions of Germany - four long-distance hikes as an amputee 14:21 TAA 025: Review of the 3R80 from OttoBock 13:43 TAA 024: Meet Josephine Bridges, the chair and trustee of Positive Bones 51:41 TAA 023: Meet Hope Gordon, who crowdfunded the costs of her amputation 31:31 TAA 022: The START Foundation - Empowering amputees in life through sports 36:08 TAA 021: The Range of Motion Project's components for a cause 42:19 TAA 020: Why it's cool to have an amputee dad 8:03