Break Mediocrity and Unlock Your Potential | Dr. Gary Adams
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Break Mediocrity and Unlock Your Potential | Dr. Gary Adams
Aug 30, 2022 Episode 163
Ryan S. Howard

Episode #163

This episode will give you practical keys to help break mediocrity and unlock the potential God place within you. Dr. Gary Adams, President of Mission Harvest America, and author of Breaking Mediocrity: Unlocking Your Potential, wakes up each day and asks God, “what are we doing?”. Our lives change when we realize our potential is ultimately shaped by God’s potential, and God’s potential is infinite. We all have a purpose and God has a plan that he needs us to execute. Potential is great, but sits dormant until we move.

What if our walk with God isn’t meant to be boring? What if each one of us has potential to change the world? All too often, Christians discount themselves as unqualified to really inspire and change the landscape of our culture. Listen to this interview and be inspired today to break out of mediocrity in every area of life.

In this episode:

01:06 | Introducing Dr. Gary Adams   

01:55 | From Vietnam to the police department, and a call to understand eternity

05:10 | A heart for the Lord and seeking God’s purpose, Bible college and a journey into ministry

07:10 | The Church is not the Kingdom of God (we need to get this), are we hearers of the Word or are we doers? – Spiritual dynamics

11:45 | Breaking mediocrity - moving from possibility and potential into the dynamic of the Kingdom of God, out of the finite into the infinite realm

15:15 | Moving from the fence and unlocking potential, God warned us about lukewarmness

17:59 | Embracing God’s will for our lives and being led by the Holy Spirit. Working with the Regan administration to address Christian persecution in Latin America

21:15 | Are we in the flow with the dynamic things God is doing? Do we want to be used by God? Can we model what we are preaching? Being honest with ourselves and submitting to God

26:51| Making time to be relevant. Being fathers in the faith and committing to being authentic

30:29 | Becoming a true “witness” in the workplace, our words mean nothing if we cannot model it

34:38 | The power of journaling, preserving our testimony and reflecting on what God has been doing in our lives



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