A Roadmap for Raising Children God's Way: Love and Boundaries | Bonnie Johnson Fite
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A Roadmap for Raising Children God's Way: Love and Boundaries | Bonnie Johnson Fite
Mar 08, 2024 Episode 314
Ryan S. Howard

Episode #314

This episode offers a roadmap for raising kids who internalize discipline through God's model of blessing obedience and correcting disobedience with love. In this insightful interview, educator and author Bonnie Johnson Fite shares Biblical principles and practical strategies for raising self-disciplined children with both love and boundaries.

Whether struggling with tantrums, screentime or other challenges, this episode provides a refreshing, Biblical framework for nurturing children's success.

Drawing on parallels from how God disciplined in the Bible, Bonnie provides guidance on using rewards and consequences effectively to instill values like self-control.

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Bonnie emphasizes:

  • being proactive to prevent misbehavior, 
  • handling meltdowns calmly, 
  • setting protective boundaries, and 
  • creating an enriching environment focused on books over technology's harmful influences. 

Bonnie encourages parents to intentionally shape their child's surroundings and choices, reminding them "you are older and wiser." This interview is full of wisdom from Bonnie's teaching experience and journey as a mom of four.

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