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154: 7 ways to help with an indie author’s book launch

July 04, 2023 Sagan Morrow Episode 155
Indie Author Weekly
154: 7 ways to help with an indie author’s book launch
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Find out 7 ways you can support an indie author with their book launch — this is a wonderful opportunity to support the creatives in your life (and some of these are simple, easy ideas you can do in just a few minutes!)

I share why it matters so much to get my novels in the hands of as many people as possible — we are literally changing lives around here and helping more readers discover themselves, embrace who they are and what they want from life, and deepening our understanding, compassion, and empathy for one another.

Stories are powerful and life changing. And YOU can play a part in that life changing experience! Tune into this episode to find out how…

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Hello and welcome to the indie author weekly podcast where you get to hear about the behind the scenes journey of my adventures as an indie author. I'm your host Sagan Morrow, and to date I have written and published seven rom coms in the polyamorous fashion series plus several business books for solopreneurs. Release Day is coming up on July 25 to 2023 for my next romance novel, small town stilettos a modern marriage of convenience. And I would love it if you could help support me throughout this watch. So a quick reminder, small town stilettos is a story of Margaret Peggy Malcolm, a fashion designer who returns to the small town that she grew up in after her aunt's passed away. Margaret discovers that the only way to access her inheritance is if she marries her childhood sweetheart, and she needs that money in order to create a new inclusive clothing line. But she does not believe in marriage and she is ethically non monogamous. So this creates something of a conundrum for her small town stilettos deals with themes of grief and all different manners of relationships. It is heartfelt It is cute, and it is the perfect summertime romance novel full details about small town stilettos can be found at Sagan You can also find it on Amazon and Goodreads and BookBub. It's Michael share all those links and efficient ups. And again, I would really appreciate your help with spreading the word about small town stilettos. Being an indie author is a whole experience and as an indie author, you are really responsible. You are the only person who is responsible for getting the word out there about your novel. It takes a lot of time and effort and experimentation. It is a huge a huge thing to try to get our books in the hands of as many people as possible. And we want to get our books in the hands of as many people as possible because stories can change the world stories are how we connect with one another and relate to one another and understand each other at a really deep level. I care so much about the topics that I write about. And I write about ethical non monogamy and alternative relationship styles because our society really forces upon us a very specific traditional sort of concept of what a relationship should look like. And I want to change that. I want to change the world. I want to change our entire understanding of what a healthy relationship can look like. I want for everyone around the world to be able to live and be who they truly are more of our authentic selves, regardless of what type of relationship that might be. And my stories are one of the ways that I seek to do that. My stories share alternative paths that you can take my stories are about characters, going on journeys of self discovery and connecting with each other and learning from one another and growing. And that's what life is all about. So this matters to me on a very deep level. And besides that my novels are also fun they're light hearted. They have a romantic comedies sort of spin to them. They are delightful to read. They make really good weekend reading or beach reading and that kind of thing, while also furthering my agenda of changing how we view relationships, changing how we view ourselves and giving you the space to be and do more of what you truly genuinely want it this poor. So all of this is to say, I believe that my work matters a lot. I truly with all my heart believe that by telling these stories, we can change the world. And again, they're also just fun to read. They're really good stories. They'll bring a smile to your face, you will enjoy them. So with all of that in mind I want my books to get to the hands of as many readers as possible. And that's where you come in. So again, being an indie author creates a whole set of challenges and anytime that you can support an indie author, it means the world to us it can be so so helpful. So I have five different ideas for what you can do to help me spread the word about small town stilettos. And these five ideas are applicable to any indie author. So if you have other indie authors in your life in your life, if you are reading other books for indie authors, and also just creatives in general, if you want to support the creatives in your life, then this will help you and if you yourself are a creative and you want other people to support you, then this episode is perfect to share with more people in your life. So absolutely share this episode on social media or to your email list or anywhere you like. Tell people about it direct to them here so that they can get ideas. And actually, you know, when I think I said that there are five things you can do actually have seven ideas, seven ideas for what you can do to spread the word about small towns to letters or again, you can apply this to your own situation to create in your life or to your own creative work. So here we go. Number one, if you are a book blogger or a book reviewer, that I invite you to join my book launch team on booksprout or book sirens. I will share those links in the show notes. Those are book reviewer directories so if you would like to review my book, share it with your Bookstagram followers or if you are a book talker or if you have a book blog. Absolutely please do reach out I would love to send you an advanced reader copy so that you can read it and review it.
Number two, add small town so that goes to your wants to read list on Goodreads and enter my Goodreads giveaway. The giveaway ends on July 14 and it is open to anyone in the States. If you are not in the States, I would still recommend that you do add small town stilettos to your wants to read list on Goodreads that also helps your followers see that this book is on your radar.
Number three share about small towns with widows on social media. So you can create your own posts on Twitter or Instagram or Tiktok or Facebook or wherever you like to spend your time. Or you can do this super easily by simply reposting one of my tweets or sharing one of my Instagram posts post to your Instagram stories or re sharing one of my tic tock videos. My handle is at Sagan lives on each of those platforms and I will post a few links to specific posts in the show notes. So you can just click on those links and go directly to the post and really easily reshare it repost it, I'm making it super easy for you so definitely check out the show the show notes if you would like those posts. Number four, pre order small town stilettos on Amazon. It is only 399 and the more pre orders that I get the more that this novel will be bumped up in its categories, which means that more people will get will get to hear about it. So the more pre orders that we can get before the launch day on July 25. The better.
Number five, buy a copy of small town stilettos for a friend. This is a wonderful way to connect with your friends and send them a copy give them a little gift. It's again it's only 399 And I think that your friends are going to be so excited when you send them a copy of this book, add it to their their summer reading list. It will be so much fun and it's such a lovely sweet gesture to gift that to your friend. Number six, so just a small town so that I was to be your next novel at book club. I feel like this will be a wonderful story for your book club. You can explore the topics of grief, friendship, long distance relationships, our assumptions and beliefs about love and commitment, personal identity and more. There are a lot of different themes and directions that you could take with your book club. And if you really like this idea, then let me know at just email me hello at Sagan or reach out to me on any of social media platforms. My handle is at Sagan lives. Let me know that this is something that you'd be interested in. Because if that's the case, then I will send you a list of book club discussion prompts so that you can just take that and run with it.
And number seven, after you read this book after you read a small town stilettos on modern marriage of convenience, please rate and review it. This helps other readers determine whether this book will be right for them. So I recommend reading and reviewing it on Amazon and Goodreads. It's also available on BookBub. So you can use any of those platforms or all of them. You can also of course review it on your own platforms. as well. But the more that you do it on these book platforms such as Amazon and Goodreads, the more that other readers will be able to see that and that is ideal. Small Town stilettos is a friends to lovers modern marriage of convenience Second Chance small town rom com and there's only one bed. I think you are going to love it. Visit Sagan to grab your copy. The link is in the show notes. So there you have it. Those are seven ways that you can help me achieve my goals with my book launch and support me as your resident indie author. Thank you so much for doing any of the ideas that I shared today. every bit counts, and I really appreciate your help in spreading the word about small town stilettos and having a successful book launch. That my friend is a wrap for today's episode of indie author weekly access the show notes for this episode, including all links and additional resources at Sagan And share your thoughts on this episode on Twitter or Instagram. My handle is at stake and lives. Please take two minutes to rate and review any other weekly and Apple podcasts. Or if you're watching this episode on YouTube, subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbs up. Thank you so much for tuning in and I will see you next week for another episode of indie author weekly