Indie Author Weekly
034: How to practice self-discipline as a writer (10 tips)
Indie Author Weekly
034: How to practice self-discipline as a writer (10 tips)
Nov 19, 2019 Episode 35
Sagan Morrow

In this episode, I want to answer a question that I’ve seen come up a few times over the past month from aspiring authors: how do you practice self-discipline as a writer, and how do you force yourself to write when you’re not in the mood for it? 

The timing of this question is rather interesting since I have recently been working on a brand-new e-course for the side of my business where I teach solopreneurs about productivity. In fact, the new program is called Productivity Powerhouse, and it is all about how to manage your time and energy effectively. So to see this question crop up on social media lately from new authors is really timely! 

And since authors are a type of solopreneur, if this is something that you struggle with, then you might want to check out Productivity Powerhouse. Visit to learn more. 

But for today’s episode, let’s address that question about how to manage self-discipline as a writer. 

Self-discipline is absolutely crucial to your ability to start and finish a project. This is especially true for indie authors: with a traditional publishing house, you’ll have deadlines to meet based on your contract with that publishing house. 

But as an indie author, you’re really working with your own deadlines. You are the boss of you. You get to decide when your book gets published. And that can be a great thing—after all, it gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility… but if you struggle with managing your time and energy effectively, then it can be problematic. You might never get around to actually finishing that book of yours! 

The other side of the coin, when it comes to self-discipline as a writer, is that sometimes, you might not want to write. You might not be in the mood for it.  

Tune into the episode for 10 practical tips for how to handle it when you are struggling with self-discipline as a writer!  

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