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047: How 4 different authors outline their books

February 18, 2020 Sagan Morrow Episode 48
Indie Author Weekly
047: How 4 different authors outline their books
Show Notes

Learn how 4 different authors outline their books and get started with writing a new story on this episode of Indie Author Weekly... 

Today we have a slightly different take on our usual format! One of the most popular episodes here on Indie Author Weekly is an episode I did way back, all about my process for how to outline a book. If you want to hear about that, you can tune into Episode 3. 

Since so many listeners are interested in that topic, I thought it would be fun to get a variety of different writers’ processes for how they go about outlining and starting to write a new book. 

With that in mind, I reached out to some writer friends and asked if they’d be willing to share a little bit about their unique processes. They very kindly wrote in their answers, so today I’m going to read their incredible insights with you! We have four different writers sharing their processes with us today. 

Plus, after each author shares their methods for how to outline and start writing a story, I've distilled their processes into 3 key takeaways each so that you can apply it in practical ways to your own writing. 

Hit play on today's episode to get the book writing tips and find out real-life methods that WORK for these authors to outline their own stories... 

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