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Ski Rex Media Podcast - S2E26 - The Juggernaut That Is The Indy Pass
Ski Rex Media Podcast
Ski Rex Media Podcast - S2E26 - The Juggernaut That Is The Indy Pass
Feb 24, 2021 Season 2 Episode 26
Tim Meyer

Today we take another look at the Indy Pass, mostly due to the announcement they made yesterday, Feb. 23rd. Like a straight juggernaut, Indy Pass keeps moving forward with what seems to be unstoppable momentum. For the second, or possibly third time this season, Indy Pass has announced another two ski mountains joining their ranks. This time they add two more New England hills to a list that is just about 60 mountains strong. For those that haven't heard, the recently reopened Saddleback Mountain in Maine and N.H. favorite Waterville Valley are now Indy Pass mountains. In this episode, I talk about the new mountains, the mountains that have already been a part of Indy Pass, my own experience with Indy Pass, and the beauty of it all. Please check it out, tell me what you think, like, subscribe, rate, and enjoy! Thanks for listening!

Check out the Indy Pass, Saddleback Mountain, & Waterville Valley websites for more information, as well as an honorable mention from this episode, Peace & Pow.

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