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Where Did I Put That Easter Egg?

April 08, 2022 Gregory Angello & Brock Zevan Season 3 Episode 38
Raised on Real Estate, The RORE Podcast
Where Did I Put That Easter Egg?
Show Notes

Welcome to RORE! Brock Zevan and Greg Angello coming to you in the first week of April as spring has sprung and Easter is right around the corner! We want to wish all of you and your families a very Happy Easter and happy springtime!

Yes, this is the season where our real estate market should be in full bloom, but is it? Brock and Greg get into a deeper discussion of the current state of this real estate market, especially here in North Carolina, as we are seeing record sale prices with buyers in heavily-pressed competitive offers on just about every property.

There are many challenges for buyers in this market, especially if you are in a high demand real estate market. How long will this RE market continue? Will sellers continue to raise the sales bar and will buyers continue this pace or wave the flag and give up? We discuss all these issues and much more. 

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Greg Angello is a Real Estate Broker/Realtor with eXp Realty, LLC

Brock Zevan is a licensed Real Estate Broker/Realtor with eXp Realty, LLC

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