Raised on Real Estate, The RORE Podcast

Get Fit And Stay Motivated With Fitness Expert, Kathy Laucius

June 09, 2022 Gregory Angello and Kathy Laucius Season 3 Episode 53
Raised on Real Estate, The RORE Podcast
Get Fit And Stay Motivated With Fitness Expert, Kathy Laucius
Show Notes

Welcome all to another exciting episode on the RORE Podcast! Greg Angello is back with fitness expert, Kathy Laucius of The Time Is Now Fitness with Metro Fitness Club in Charlotte, NC.

This is our second podcast bringing you a ton more on fitness, nutrition, diet and motivation! Both Kathy and I talk about our motivating factors. Kathy talks about her fitness app which you can get and be part of her fitness team from anywhere. This is an awesome app platform in our new age of fitness technology.

We hope this podcast inspires you to get fit and stay motivated!!

To find out more about Kathy's fitness app, her book and more---go to https://thetimeisnowfitness.com/   Also, let Kathy know you heard about her book on the podcast using Promo Code "RORE,"  and Kathy will offer a special discount! And don't forget to ask about the fitness app!!

Her book is also available on Amazon https://amzn.to/38RXs4x

A HUGE THANK YOU for all our podcast listeners around the globe for helping RORE grow!

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