Raised on Real Estate, The RORE Podcast

It's A Labor Day Weekend Podcast!

September 05, 2022 Gregory Angello Season 3 Episode 42
Raised on Real Estate, The RORE Podcast
It's A Labor Day Weekend Podcast!
Show Notes

Happy Labor Day 2022! I hope you are all doing well and you are with family and friends, or, you may be laboring on this holiday. Many of us are laboring: some by force and some by choice!

In this one, folks... two more podcasts coming this week:  Brock Zevan on Wednesday, September 9th, how to win the listing appointment, and Michael Curtis with Movement Bank lending on why home buyers should buy today!

I have a new guest to RORE: David Atkinson with Z Sphere. Z Sphere is a resilient systems design-and-build company in the late stages of startup, focused on municipal, light commercial and residential buildings for disaster-prone regions, remote/off-grid and resilient living in general. David is scheduled to be on the following Wednesday, September 14th. This will be a very informative podcast!

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Special Note: Holiday weekends are for fun, relaxing, enjoyment, time with family and friends, but unfortunately, holiday weekends can have adverse consequences if we don't use common sense and get behind the wheel when drinking. Don't be a statistic; don't be a fatality; don't drink and drive. Be save and think before you drive.

Thank you to all our RORE listening community in and outside the United States! We thank each and every one of you!!

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