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Should You Wait Or Should You Buy Now? The No.1 Question in Real Estate Today!

September 08, 2022 Gregory Angello and Michael Curtis Season 3 Episode 59
Raised on Real Estate, The RORE Podcast
Should You Wait Or Should You Buy Now? The No.1 Question in Real Estate Today!
Show Notes

Greetings and welcome to another RORE episode! Great to have you back for this one! Michael Curtis is back after a bit of an hiatus but his timing is impeccable. Spot on to be exact, as one of the biggest question looming in real estate right now, if you are a home buyer, is --- should you wait or should you buy right now? Hmmm? 

Michael discusses the current financial state of the market, the federal reserve's past decisions on raising interest rates and why, the future impact on the economy, and what home buyers should do if considering purchasing a home in today's real estate market. The key statement Michael makes is --- it's not the timing in the market, but the time in the market!

I encourage you to take notes and listen to the entire podcast to what you may not hear on cable news, from your local news, or even from other so-called experts out there! Don't pass this one up!

To speak to Michael about your mortgage needs or to get answers to you lending questions, here's how to reach him:
M:  (803) 389 5256
O:  (704) 233 7373

Michael Curtis is a senior loan officer with Movement Bank:

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Also, as mentioned before, David Atkinson with Z Sphere will be our next guest on Raised on Real Estate, next Wednesday Sept. 14th -- barring a black out in California!😁 Where's my EV plug in??

Whoa -- wait!! Another guest is scheduled to appear next month -- originally from Detroit, Michigan, radio personality, Shannyn Caldwell, of Family Life Radio will be with us! This will be one exciting show!

Thank you to all our RORE listening community in and outside the United States! We thank each and every one of you!!

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