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Mastering Communication With Brenden Kumarasamy Of MasterTalk

February 12, 2023 Gregory Angello
Raised on Real Estate, The RORE Podcast
Mastering Communication With Brenden Kumarasamy Of MasterTalk
Show Notes

Greetings everyone and welcome back to another great podcast on a Super Bowl Sunday Eve! Greg Angello is in Mission Control with a brand new guest, Brenden Kumarasamy.

Brenden is a top communications expert and coach and hosts MasterTalk on his YouTube Channel with over 30k subscribers.

It was a real pleasure getting to know Brenden and having him as guest as he and I ramble on about communication with a few laughs in between! I do enjoy meeting new people through a podcast platform. As he said, it is unlikely we would have met if it wasn't for podcasting.

Here is more about Brenden from his LinkedIn page:

MasterTalk was created to help the WORLD master the art of communication. Through a series of educational content, my ultimate goal is to be the bridge between everyone's ideas. Imagine a world where we could all be exceptional communicators and voice out our ideas more often than not. That vision gets me so excited because all the best ideas will get shared and executed on, moving us forward as a society to come together and create magic together.

To help me achieve this mission, I designed a coaching service through years of content creation and serving a 100's of clients across a multitude of industries to empower the best executives and coaches in the world to excel in communication. Not just for themselves, but for the communities around them that rely on them as role models and leaders.

My clients have worked at companies like Salesforce, Amazon, IBM, Morgan Stanley, Blue Cross, J. Walter Thompson, Deloitte, Verizon and the list goes on.

I help them learn not just to be students of communication, but above all, teachers who can coach their own teammates on the most important skill in the workplace.

To find out more about Brenden and his coaching communication programs, you can reach him: kumarasamy.brenden@gmail.com / mastertalk.ca /  https://www.linkedin.com/in/brendenkumarasamy/

If you would like to learn more about podcasting; being a podcaster, I encourage you to reach out to me at info@planetoneradio.com and place in the subject line: Planet One University. And let's talk about it!

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