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Get Started Early in Multi-Family Properties

December 23, 2020 John Stoeber Season 2 Episode 12
Raised on Real Estate
Get Started Early in Multi-Family Properties
Show Notes

Welcome to RORE's unconventional and unique podcast! We return late in the year with a new guest, John Stoeber of Kronos Investment Partners, a Commercial Real Estate Investment firm.

John brings his new but very knowledable experience to our podcast.  His firm, Kronos, acquires, raises money for, and manages multifamily and commercial properties that are either in distress or have value-add components, and then either flips the properties or holds them for long term cash flow.

Days before graduating from the University of Maryland with majors in Finance & Accounting John realized he wasn't cut out for the corporate world needed to achieve financial independence. That led him down to Real Estate investing where he currently uses his strengths of numbers and financial models to underwrite properties and manage his assets.

He is also the host of his own podcast called the Millennials in Multifamily Podcast and has a free book called, How to Analyze Big Apartments Building and Make them Feel Small .



Facebook: John Stoeber, Multifamily Asset Management and Value Adds, Passive Income Real Estate Investing

Instagram: john_stoeber.

We want to thank all our listening community of Raised on Real Estate! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021.