Raised on Real Estate, The RORE Podcast

It's Called The Fast Lane For A Reason

March 05, 2021 Guest, James Lutz Season 3 Episode 29
Raised on Real Estate, The RORE Podcast
It's Called The Fast Lane For A Reason
Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of RORE.  A dynamic mortgage lender in Michigan is with us. James Lutz talks about his background and how he got started in the mortgage industry,  what shaped his work ethic and carrying it forward to where he is now. 

This podcast is not just for those in the real estate or mortgage industry. If you are in a business where your sales are driven by lead generation, then this one is also for you. The processes that James has done over the course of his career are simply those that anyone can apply. 

We thank all of our listeners in our podcast community! 
If you are in the Michigan area:
James Lutz | Mortgage Loan Officer
|C| 586.362.0125 
When it comes to purchasing or refinancing your home, having trust in your lender is only one of many qualities to look for. Whether a first time home buyer with loads of questions or a seasoned home buyer, feeling like you are respected and attended to is extremely important. I strive to achieve both by making myself available to you on your schedule and by putting your needs ahead of my own. My goal is to be your lender for life, which is why I treat everyone like family. My kids, my wife and my clients are my sole focus, so let me work hard for you and your family. As my personal client, you have access to me anytime via my personal cell and email for constant contact. Thank you for letting me serve you and welcome to the Lutz family at Michigan First!
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Greg is a real estate broker with eXp Realty, LLC for North Carolina and South Carolina.