Alternative Stories and Fake Realities

Season 6 preview with Madeleine White and Emily Inkpen

March 11, 2022 Alternative Stories and Fake Realities Season 6 Episode 1
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities
Season 6 preview with Madeleine White and Emily Inkpen
Show Notes

In this first edition of season 6 we look at the other podcasts Alternative Stories have been working on.  We chat with novelist Madeleine White about the pdcast for writers, Write On! Audio and novelist and audio dramatist Emily Inkpen about our new science fiction audio drama The Dex Legacy.  We also preview some of the content you’ll be able to hear in season 6. 

 In this edition you can hear an interview with the editor of the Write On! suite of publications, Madeleine White.

 You can listen to Write On! Audio by searching for “pen to print” in your favourite podcast app or by clicking the link below.

 You can hear Madeleine White’s audio drama The Ark by clicking here

And order her novel “Mother of Floods” here and at the usual book retail outlets
And follow her on twitter here

 Find out more about author and dramatist Emily Inkpen and her new audio drama podcast The Dex Legacy by visiting the podcast’s website here

 You can listen to the Dex Legacy by searching “the dex legacy” in your favourite podcast app or click the link below

 You can follow The Dex Legacy on twitter here

And follow Emily on twitter here

You heard an excerpt from Zoe Gilbert’s forthcoming novel “Mischief Acts” read by Sally Walker Taylor.  Mischief Acts will be published on 17th March and you can order a copy and find out more about Zoe via the Bloomsbury website here
Follow Zoe on twitter here

Also out on 17th March will be the memoir “Sins of My Father” by Lily Dunn and you heard a short excerpt in the podcast read by Lily herself.  You can order a copy at all the usual book outlets and via the W&N website here
Follow Lily on twitter here

Also in this podcast you can hear 

·      the poem “Scent of Oleander” by Amantine Broduer read by Tiffany Clare

·      An excerpt from a forthcoming interview with artist David Suff about his book “Walking on Skylark Ridge” 

·      And an excerpt from an upcoming interview with writer, actor and dramatist Jackie Jorgenson which we’ll be sharing as part of our storytelling season soon. 


We look forward to welcoming you to season six starting with our Ghostlore audio drama anthology which will be out on 18th March. 



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