Alternative Stories and Fake Realities

Ghostlore : An audio fiction anthology. Part One: Wilderness

March 18, 2022 Alternative Stories and Fake Realities Season 6 Episode 2
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities
Ghostlore : An audio fiction anthology. Part One: Wilderness
Show Notes

Ghostlore is an anthology of writing inspired by the folklore of ghosts, spirits and the supernatural. Edited by writer and audio dramatists Lyndsey Croal this first edition, Wilderness, features the work of 11 writers and explores folklore from around the world. 

 Ghostlore Part One, Wilderness is presented and edited by Lyndsey Croal.  The readers are Sally Walker Taylor, Marie-Claire Wood, Maria S Picone, Lyndsey Croal and Chris Gregory.

 The featured pieces and writers are 

The Goatherd by Cormack Baldwin
Cormack Baldwin is a speculative fiction writer and editor who emerged from the Alaskan bush one day and mosied down to Oregon.

A Ghost of Bones and Bark by Alexandra Beaumont
Alexandra’s debut fantasy novel based on Tudor astrology and star-magic, Testament of the Stars, was published in April 2021.

Sing Sorrow To The Sea And the Waves Will Answer by Lyndsey Croal
Lyndsey is a science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction writer from Edinburgh

The Smiling Folk by E L Crocker
E L Crocker is a writer from Manchester. He cut his teeth in horror stories, but in recent years has turned to writing fantasy novels

Excerpt from “Mischief Acts” by Zoe Gilbert
Zoe is a prize winning short story writer, novelist and teacher based in Folkestone.  Her latest novel, Mischief Acts is published by Bloomsbury

God is Neither Man Nor Ghost by Gessica Sakamoto Martini
Gessica Sakamoto Martini is a writer from Italy. Her writing has been published in Corvid Queen and featured in Alternative Stories podcast. She holds a PhD in Anthropology and tweets about folklore at

Birth Story by Maria S Picone
Maria S. Picone/수영 ( @mspicone on Twitter) is a Korean American adoptee and multigenre writer

Your Name Repeated by Tamara Rogers
Tamara writes mainly dark, surreal tales with a touch of science fiction. You can find her at and

There is an Instinct by Melinda Salisbury
Melinda Salisbury is the three-time Carnegie nominated and bestselling author of multiple young adult novels, including the Sin Eater's Daughter series, the State of Sorrow duology, Hold Back the Tide, and Her Dark Wings.

The Hobby Lanterns by Cat Voleur
Cat Voleur is a writer, gamer, and podcaster. You can find her and more of her work through Twitter @Cat_Voleur and on her website

Spring Hollow Secret God Sleeping by Lorraine Wilson
Lorraine’s debut novel, the wilderness dystopian This Is Our Undoing, was released last year, and her second, The Way The Light Bends, a dark folkloric novel, is coming out in August this year. She tweets

 Music and production are by Chris Gregory

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