Alternative Stories and Fake Realities

Ghostlore : An audio fiction anthology. Part Two : Hauntings

April 01, 2022 Alternative Stories and Fake Realities Season 6 Episode 3
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities
Ghostlore : An audio fiction anthology. Part Two : Hauntings
Show Notes

Ghostlore is an anthology of writing inspired by the folklore of ghosts and the supernatural. Edited by writer and audio dramatists Lyndsey Croal our second episode Hauntings, features the work of 11 writers and explores folklore from around the world. 

The readers are Sally Walker Taylor, Marie-Claire Wood, Lindz McLeod, Lyndsey Croal, Hadiya Morris, Chris Gregory, Amy Boucher and Christina Castaneda

Our pieces and writes are

The Witch by Amy Boucher
Amy Boucher is a passionate advocate of her native Shropshire’s folklore, ghostlore and local History. You can find her blog her and on twitter @g0blinegg

We Cower in a Ruined Castle and Hope Not to Hear a Ghost by Elou Carroll
Elou Carroll likes to tell ghost stories. You can find her work on

Ghost Feet by Ellen Forkin
Ellen Forkin is a writer and artist living in the magical Orkney Islands. Find her on Instagram @ellen_forkin and Twitter 

Unrest by Vanessa Jae
Vanessa Jae writes horrifically beautiful anarchies, reads stories for Apex Magazine and translates for Progressive International

Huntress, Enchantress, Murderess by Lyndsey Croal
Lyndsey is a writer, audio dramatist and editor from Edinburgh. Find out more about her and her work here

Welcome Home by Ai Jiang
Ai Jiang is a Chinese-Canadian writer, an immigrant from Fujian, and an active member of HWA. Find her on Twitter @AiJiang_  and online

Naart Stuyck by Signe Maene
Signe Maene is a writer, folklorist and audio dramatist from Belgian.  Her work has been featured frequently in this podcast and a new audio play is in preparation.

 Ye Tak The Ghost Road by Callum McSorley
Callum McSorley is an author based in Glasgow. His short stories have been published by New Writing Scotland, Gutter Magazine, Shoreline of Infinity, and Monstrous Regiment among others.

The Accordionist by Anna Orridge
Anna Orridge is a writer from Croydon, whose short story 'Backdrop' was adapted for a an acclaimed Alternative Stories audio drama. You can find out more about her activism and writing on Twitter

A Fate Worse by Marisca Pichette
Marisca Pichette writes speculative fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. She is on Twitter as  and Instagram as @marisca_write. Her website is:

The Island of Dolls by Sam W Pisciotta
Sam W Pisciotta is a writer and visual artist who believes, with his whole heart, that the glass is half-full.  Follow him on Instagram @silo34 and Twitter

 Music and production are by Chris Gregory
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