Alternative Stories and Fake Realities

The Best of Men : An Audio Drama : Part One

March 24, 2023 Alternative Stories Season 6 Episode 16
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities
The Best of Men : An Audio Drama : Part One
Show Notes

When Marc Hughes, the larger-than-life presenter of the TV show Paranormal Takedown, receives a series of increasingly desperate voice mail messages from his childhood friend Jack claiming that a great evil is loose in Shropshire, he is sceptical.  Realising that investigating the story might make for great television he sets off to debunk Jack's claims and finds himself at the heart of some dark and dangerous folk beliefs that seem to have spilled over from stories to reality.  

Content warning : this podcast contains swearing, suggestions of peril and references to violence , death and injury. 

In the Best of Men by Amy Boucher you can hear, in order of appearance

 Tiffany Clare as Emilie 

Alex White as Marc

Carl Wharton as Jack

 Music, sound design, production and editing are by Chris Gregory for Alternative Stories

Casting and actor direction is by Chris Gregory and Amy Boucher

Sound effects are by Alternative Stories and from

The script for The Best of Men is by Amy Boucher and may not be reproduced in whole or in part other than with the permission of the author.


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