Alternative Stories and Fake Realities

Storying our Futures : Climate change and storytelling in East Africa

May 12, 2023 Alternative Stories Season 6 Episode 19
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities
Storying our Futures : Climate change and storytelling in East Africa
Show Notes

Storying our Futures is a new podcast series looking at the climate crisis in east Africa and the ways in which storytelling can help to spread information to the local population. Through the eyes of two Kenyan storytellers, Mara and John, we travel with them through South Sudan and northern Kenya to see how the crisis is affecting local communities. 

"Storying our Futures: climate resilience through indigenous knowledge" is a UK/East Africa collaborative project bringing traditional oral storytellers together with East African pastoralist communities, scientific meteorologists, journalists, and indigenous traditional climate forecasters known as Rainmakers, to amplify and explore the many ways that storytelling can support system change.  Chris Gregory from Alternative  Stories undertook the sound design and editing work for this podcast series. 

The podcast series is a joint venture between Adverse Camber, a UK based arts production company, ICPAC, a specialised organisation fostering climate services and knowledge to enhance community resilience in Africa, The British Council, Cath Heinemeyer of York St John University and storyteller / activist Hannah McDowall. 

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