Alternative Stories and Fake Realities


June 02, 2020 Season 2 Episode 27
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities
Show Notes

This edition is called Raven.  It features the short story "The Raven's Call" by Charis McRoberts and a preview of The Seeing Trees, our forthcoming audio drama which features a raven. This podcast also includes interviews with Charis McRoberts, Kaitlin Felix author of "The Seeing Trees" and Amy Forrest.

The Raven's Call is written and performed by Charis McRoberts with music by Chris Gregory.  It is reproduced with Charis' permission.

The Seeing Trees trailer features the voices of Lewie Watson, Tiffany Clare, Charlie Richards and Amy Forrest.  The Seeing Trees is written by Kaitlin Felix and will be published on the podcast on Friday 4th June.  You can also hear a short interview with Kaitlin

We also reproduce an interview from the BBC's Podcast Radio Hour in which Amy Forrest talks about the ways in which Alternative Stories has adapted to the Covid 19 pandemic.  This is the full version of a piece which was truncated for the BBC broadcast.

Sound design, music and mixing are by Chris Gregory.  Music is published by Scared Crow Music.

The presenter in this edition of the podcast is Kelli Winkler

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Join us for The Seeing Trees, the full audio drama in our next podcast.

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