Alternative Stories and Fake Realities

The Seeing Trees

June 05, 2020 Season 2 Episode 28
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities
The Seeing Trees
Show Notes

In the forests of Scandinavia a family is besieged by a malicious raven which watches and follows them everywhere they go.  How will they escape from this curse and at what cost?  The Seeing Trees is a dark nordic mystery with elements of violence, peril, horror, language and elements that some listeners may find disturbing. Please do not listen if you object to any of the above. 

In the Seeing Trees By Kaitlin Felix…

 Charlie Richards played Trygve 
Lewie Watson was Harleif
Tiffany Clare was Mother
Amy Forrest played Freja
Chris Gregory was Magnus and Townsman
Annika Kordes played Townswoman 1
Karen Cooper played Townswoman 2

The incantation was performed by Charlie Richards, Tiffany Clare, Kaitlin Felix and Chris Gregory with coaching, support and counselling by Kaitlin!

 Original music and soundscapes were by Chris Gregory

The Seeing Trees was adapted from her original short story by Kaitlin Felix and Chris Gregory

The presenter is Kelli Winkler 

 You can find out more about Kaitlin Felix and read more of her work by visiting her website or following her on twitter where she posts as

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