Alternative Stories and Fake Realities

Through The Trees Part 2

July 17, 2020 Season 2 Episode 37
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities
Through The Trees Part 2
Show Notes

Through the trees is an anthology about trees and woodlands, their folklore and mythology.  Dealing with the subjects of transformation and change into and from trees our writers use poetry and monologue to tell their stories inspired by folk and fairy stories, classical mythology and lived experience.

The pieces in part 2 are

The Woodcutter's Children by Sarra Culleno read by Tiffany Clare with music by Fay Hield
Arbol by TAK Erzinger read by Tiffany Clare
The Fairy Tree by Signe Maene read by Kelsey Griffin
Dark Moon by Sarah Corbett read by Amy Forrest
Serenade by TAK Erzinger read by Tiffany Clare
Extract from the audio drama "No Words" performed by Tiffany Clare and Federico Foglia

The presenter is Tiffany Clare
Music and production are by Chris Gregory

You can listen to "No Words" in full here

In this podcast we featured the track "Willow Glen" by Fay Hield which appears on the Topic Records album "Old Adam" .  We would like to thank Topic Records and Proper Records for their kind permission to use this track and particularly to Glen Johnson for enabling this.  You can find out more about Topic Records, The World's Oldest Independent Record Label, here
You'll also find more about Fay Hield's upcoming album Wrackline which will be released on September 11th here. Listen out for news of another exciting collaboration between Fay and Alternative Stories on the podcast and by following us on Twitter and Instagram.  You can follow Fay on twitter here

To find out more about Signe Maene who is also the author of our recent audio drama "Selkie" please visit her website here and follow her on twitter here
You can hear Selkie by clicking here

Sarra Culleno is a poet and writer who has previously appeared on Alternative Stories.    Please check out Sarra's poems on her youtube account and follow her on twitter here

Sarah Corbett's collection The Witch Bag was the subject of an Alternative Stories edition in April.  You can find out more about Sarahby following her on twitter and listen to The Witch Bag here

TAK Erzinger is an American writer and artist living in Switzerland.  She'll be appearing in another edition of Alternative Stories very soon.  Find out more about her and her work by following her on Instagram here

Forthcoming podcasts from Alternative Stories include:  The Bomb, an audio drama by Emily Inkpen,  Mother of Floods by Madeleine F White, poetry from Jennifer Wong and Out of The Darkness, a collaborative piece on the lifting of lockdown with writers reflecting on their experiences during the Covid 19 crisis.

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