Alternative Stories and Fake Realities

Out of the Darkness: An Audio Drama

August 07, 2020 Season 2 Episode 43
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities
Out of the Darkness: An Audio Drama
Show Notes

As lockdown eases in London a group of friends decide to meet up for the first time in three months.  As they travel they reflect on what lockdown meant to them.  This is a collaborative audio drama project with some of our actors writing and performing their own parts in the production.

Out of the Darkness was written by Katherine Priddy, Charis McRoberts, Marie-Claire Wood and Chris Gregory with additional material by Warren Graham.

Warren Graham played Michael
Katherine Priddy was Freya
Marie-Claire Wood played Georgia
Sophie Macnair was Alex
Chris Gregory played David

The presenter was Karen Cooper

Sound Design, soundscapes and production were by Chris Gregory
Sound effects were from
The news clips were from public domain sources including Downing Street Press Briefings
The Song "Wolf" was written and performed by Katherine Priddy and produced by Simon J Weaver.
Additional music was by Chris Gregory

This podcast is dedicated to anyone who lost a loved-one, their job or livelihood during the pandemic.  Our thoughts are with you.  We are aware that many people were much more seriously affected by the events of the last few months than the characters in this drama.  The story is not intended to be representative of the entire population but merely to the experiences of the characters depicted. 

Katherine Priddy is a folk singer from Birmingham. You can find out more about her and her music by visiting her website and you can buy "Wolf" and the EP it appears on by clicking on Store via this link.  There is also a video for the song which you will find by searching for Katherine's YouTube channel.
You can follow her on twitter here
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Marie-Claire Wood
Warren Graham
Sophie Macnair
and Charis McRoberts

This is the final podcast in season 2 of Alternative Stories and Fake Realities.  Thank you to all the actors, writers, musicians and poets who have appeared in this series.

Thank you also to our loyal and valued listeners.  We do hope you have enjoyed this finale to the season and that you will join us again in season 3 which will be starting in September. 

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