Alternative Stories and Fake Realities

Spoken Word

November 06, 2020 Season 3 Episode 12
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities
Spoken Word
Show Notes

In this edition of the podcast we look at spoken word poetry.  We feature a new project from Kent: a music and poetry collaboration by Nancy Gaffield and The Drift.  We look at spoken word record label Nymphs and Thugs and we hear from Lisa Mead, CEO and Artistic Director of Apples and Snakes.  The presenter is Marie-Claire Wood

There is some swearing and references to suicide and drug use  in this podcast. Please avoid if this is likely to offend

 In today’s podcast you heard: 

 An interview with Nancy Gaffield, Rob Pursey, Amelia Fletcher and Darren Pilcher of Nancy Gaffield and The Drift.

 The track you heard was Wealden Part 3 : Song of The Shingle from the album Wealden published by Longbarrow Press as a book and CD pack

 Wealden is also available as a digital download from The Drift’s record label Skep Wax

 Follow Nancy Gaffield, The Drift and Longbarrow Press on Twitter here

 You also heard an interview with Matt Abbott, founding owner of Nymphs and Thugs.

 The poems you heard were 
“I Saw Goody Proctor Jogging Without a Face Mask” by Salena Godden
“Nowt Matters Now” by Toria Garbutt 

 You can buy content from Nymphs and Thugs including these recordings via their band camp page here

 Follow Nymphs and Thugs, Matt, Salena and Toria on twitter here

 Our final interview is with Apples and Snakes and their Artistic Director Lisa Mead. Find out more about Apples and Snakes and link to their online content here   

and here for their excellent YouTube channel where you can see many poets performing live

 You heard poems by John Bernard and Adrian B Earle

 Follow Apples and Snakes, Lisa Mead, John Bernard and Adrian B Earle on twitter here

 This podcast was presented by Marie-Claire Wood

 Production, sound design and editing were by Chris Gregory
Individual sound design and editing of the poems and interviews within the show were by the contributors

 We would like to thank all contributors to this podcast.  If you can please check out all the links we’ve posted, buy content from the suppliers and support artists, poets, musicians, writers and any creative endeavour you can during this difficult time. 

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