Alternative Stories and Fake Realities

Climate Fiction

November 13, 2020 Season 3 Episode 13
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities
Climate Fiction
Show Notes

In today's podcast we look at the genre of climate fiction or "Cli Fi" and preview two upcoming audio dramas we'll be sharing as part of our Autumn climate season.  We talk to the authors of the two pieces, Anna Orridge and Kevan Manwaring and get their views on Cli Fi, writing in general and the stories that inspired our upcoming dramas.

In todays' podcast, presented by Kelli Winkler you heard the voices of Anna Orridge and Kevan Manwaring.

You heard clips from our forthcoming dramas Backdrop by Anna Orridge and Black Box by Kevan Manwaring

You heard the voices of actors Marie-Claire Wood,  Harri-Rees Jones, Kelley Costigan and Kelli Winkler in the Backdrop trailer. 
In the Black Box trailer you heard Danyelle Ellett, Lewie Watson and Charlie Richards.

Sound design, soundscaping and music are by Chris Gregory with effects from

Backdrop will be out on 20th November with Black Box appearing in three parts on 28th November, 4th and 11th December

Links and social media

You can follow Anna Orridge on twitter here

 You can follow Kevan Manwaring on twitter here

 and visit Kevan’s wordpress site where you can read more of his writing here

We ended the podcast with a recommendation for the novel America City by Chris Beckett

You can purchase America City from Blackwell’s here

 You can download a free sample of America City here

 and you can follow Chris Beckett on twitter here


 We are publicising the work of Culture Declares Emergency during our Autumn climate season.  You can follow them on twitter here

 And you can pledge your support to their cause here

Please note, we have bleeped out swearing in the trailer for Black Box.  When we put out the "real thing" all swearing will be fully audible (and beautifully delivered by Lewie Watson!) 

Also in the trailer for Black Box you heard Lewie singing a few lines from "King of The Road" by Roger Miller.  We don't own the rights to this and acknowledge all copyrights relating to the piece. 

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