Alternative Stories and Fake Realities

Daughter of Fire and Water: An Audio Drama: Part Two

February 26, 2021 Season 4 Episode 3
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities
Daughter of Fire and Water: An Audio Drama: Part Two
Show Notes

Brida is the daughter of the goddess Callie and  bound by a spell her mother has cast, she is held captive beneath Callie's mountain fortress.   Longing to escape so that she may travel freely around the world,  Brida has tried many ways in vain to break the spell but the  visit of a  prince from the world beyond the mountain may suggest ways in which her captivity can be ended.

In Daughter of Fire and Water by Lyndsey Croal you heard
Kelsey Griffin as Brida
Lewie Watson as Angus
Peter Forbes as Cernun
and Simone Low as Callie

Music was by Cameron Mackay
Sound design, direction and soundscapes were by Chris Gregory
Sound effects were from
The presenter of this podcast is Marie-Claire Wood

We would like to thank Lyndsey Croal, Anthea Middleton, Sam Canning and Gillian Bowman for their invaluable help in casting for this drama

Daughter of Fire and Water began as a character origin tale for Lyndsey's in-progress young-adult fantasy novel, though it morphed into something quite different by the end. She'd like to thank Julie Bertagna for prompting her to explore this back story, and Scottish Book Trust for their support over the past year. Inspiration also came from Scottish folklorist Donald Alexander Mackenzie's interpretation of the Cailleach's story.

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 "Daughter of Fire and Water” is an alternative stories 2021 production for the alternative stories and fake realities podcast.  

Our next production is called Stella's Constellation by TAK Erzinger and it will be out on Friday 5th March.
In the trailer for Stella's Constellation you heard the voices of Marie-Claire Wood, Simone Low,  Sadie Pepperrell and Rhys Anderson
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