Alternative Stories and Fake Realities

Folklore Edition

March 19, 2021 Season 4 Episode 6
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities
Folklore Edition
Show Notes

Since Alternative Stories started almost two years ago we have produced a number of audio dramas based on episodes from folklore.   This discussion edition looks at the ways in which folklore continues to inspire writers , academics, musicians and podcasters. 
 This edition is presented by Marie-Claire Wood
 Production and music are by Chris Gregory

Our guests in this edition are 

Dee Dee Chainey
Folklore Thursday
The Folklore Thursday website

Terri Windling
Terri’s website

Mark Norman
The Folklore Podcast

Bella Hardy : Folk Musician
You can buy Bella's music via her website

Professor Carolyne Larrington
Carolyne’s website includes links to her books

Signe Maene
And visit her website

Dr Kevan Manwaring
Visit his website here

Lyndsey Croal
Visit her website here

Kaitlin Felix
And visit her website here

Amy Boucher
And visit her blog here

We have prepared a full set of show notes with more information and links for each of our guests and our recommended podcasts here

Drama excerpts in this edition were from Hare Spell , The Seeing Trees, Selkie
and Daughter of Fire and Water  You can listen to all our folklore related content here

In two weeks time we’ll be bringing you an audio drama based on the latest novel by British SciFi author Chris Beckett.  Listen to “Two Tribes” on 2nd April. Please subscribe to alternative stories in your favourite podcast app to have this and all future editions delivered to you the moment they are released. 

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