Alternative Stories and Fake Realities

SciFi Writers : Emily Inkpen

April 16, 2021 Season 4 Episode 9
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities
SciFi Writers : Emily Inkpen
Show Notes

Emily Inkpen is a a British science fiction writer and audio dramatist.  Her drama The Bomb was one of our most popular podcasts of 2020.  In this edition we talk to Emily about world building for Sci Fi writers, her working practice, the influence of writing audio drama on her prose work and her forthcoming audio drama The Hunt.  We hear extracts from her novel The Blood Road and from The Bomb.

In this edition you heard readings from Emily’s novel “The Blood Road” read by Laura Dunnion and Harri Rees Jones 

You also heard extracts from the audio drama “The Bomb” with the voices of Emily Inkpen, Warren Graham, Kelsey Griffin, Harri Rees Jones, Charlie Richards, Lewie Watson and Annika Kordes. 

 The presenter of this edition is Tiffany Clare 

The interviewer is Chris Gregory

Sound design, music and audio drama production are by Chris Gregory

 You can find out more about Emily Inkpen’s work and writing by visiting her website here

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 The play-out music in this edition is an exclusive extract from the theme music to Emily’s forthcoming drama “The Hunt “ written by Allen Stroud.

As well as being a composer, Allen Stroud is a writer and chair of the British Science Fiction Association You can find out more about Allen by visiting his website here

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