Alternative Stories and Fake Realities

Poems from Marie-Claire Wood, TAK Erzinger, Kevan Manwaring and Sarra Culleno

May 23, 2021 Season 4 Episode 12
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities
Poems from Marie-Claire Wood, TAK Erzinger, Kevan Manwaring and Sarra Culleno
Show Notes

In this special edition we’ll be listening to poems from four regular contributors to the podcast and hearing a little about their approaches to writing poetry.  

The presenter is Sally Walker-Taylor
Sound recordings in this podcast were made by the contributors and sound design, mixing and music were by Chris Gregory

 The poems in this podcast are 

 Binder’s Blue by Marie Claire Wood
The Afternoon Route by TAK Erzinger
Bellwether by Kevan Mawaring
Little Red Morrigan by Sarra Culleno
Kintsugi in the Age of Social Media by Marie-Claire Wood
Chemical Bonds by TAK Erzinger 
Calving of the Berg by Kevan Manwaring 
Ab-Zohr’s Temple Sonnet (Offering To The Waters) by Sarra Culleno 
My Mother’s Dresser by Marie-Claire Wood 
Canto de mi Sangre (Song of My Blood) by TAK Erzinger
Choices by Kevan Manwaring 
The Beach-Goers by Sarra Culleno 

Marie-Claire Wood is an actor, writer, model and presenter.  She has presented several episodes of Alternative Stories and appeared in our dramas Backdrop. Hare Spell and Out of The Darkness for which she was a co-writer.  She is an accomplished poetry reader and can be heard reading poems by Phoebe Stuckes and Maria-Taylor in series 3 of Alt Stories and as the lead voice in our audiobook version of the Invisible Borders anthology by Hypatia Publications.   Marie-Claire will be appearing in the new audio drama series Small Gods soon.

 Find out more about Marie-Claire and follow her on twitter here

 TAK Erzinger is an American Swiss writer with Colombian background currently living in Switzerland.  Her collection “At The Foot of The Mountain” has recently been published by Floricanto Press and is available to buy via links in TAK’s twitter feed and from Amazon.  TAK was the writer of our recent audio drama “Stella’s Constellation” which was based on part of an upcoming novel.  She is also an accomplished artist and has contributed poems to our “Through The Trees” anthology. 

 Find out more about TAK and follow her on twitter here

 Dr Kevan Manwaring is a Senior Lecturer in creative writing at the Arts University in Bournemouth.  The author of many works of fiction and poetry he was the writer of our audio drama Black Box which was based on his award-winning novel of the same name.  A committed ecologist and writer in the field of climate fiction, Kevan also contributed to our special edition on that subject as well as to out discussion on folklore recently.   We are planning further projects with Kevan and you should follow him (and us) to find out more about them.

 Follow Kevan on twitter here

And visit his website here

 Sarra Culleno may be best known to Alternative Stories listeners as one of the writing team behind our acclaimed audio drama Hare Spell.  That drama was partly inspired by Sarra’s original story The Hares of  Horsenden Hill which we also dramatised alongside Hare Spell. Sarra has contributed poetry to a number of editions of the podcast and we are incredibly proud and pleased to announce that her debut short fiction collection “Bonds” will be published later this year.  We’ll hear much more about that on Alternative Stories soon. 

 Follow Sarra on twitter here

 We hope you enjoy listening to poems from all four contributors.  

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