Alternative Stories and Fake Realities

A Wild And Precious Life

August 29, 2021 Season 4
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities
A Wild And Precious Life
Show Notes

In this special edition we look at “A Wild and Precious Life” an anthology of writing on the theme of recovery which was published by Unbound in May 2021.  We have a selection of pieces from the collection read by our actors and insight from some of the writers who submitted pieces to the collection.  We also speak to Lily Dunn and Zoe Gilbert who had the idea for the anthology, compiled and edited it. **Trigger Warning** This podcast contains references to drug use, trauma and bereavement as well as swearing.  Listeners likely to be affected by any of these should avoid this podcast.

In this podcast you heard the following pieces
“Script” by Maggie Sawkins Read by Tiffany Clare
“The Last Summer” by Susannah Vernon-Hunt read by Marie-Claire Wood
“Silence” by T K Saeed read by Tiffany Clare
“Begging For Change” by Gary Bryan read by Charlie Richards
“Lucky” by J L Hall read by Sophie McNair
“Holding Joe” by James O’Leary read by Niall Wright
“Matt’s Song” by Helen Rye read by Sophie McNair
“Last Orders Ladies and Gentlemen please” by John Pearson read by Chris Gregory
“What’s all this time for” by Ford Dagenham read by Chris Gregory
“Are You Intoxicated” by Rob True read by Chris Gregory

The podcast is presented by Tiffany Clare
The interviewer is Chris Gregory
Music, sound design and soundscapes are by Chris Gregory
We are proud to feature insight from the following writers on their contributions to A Wild and Precious Life:
Rob True
J L Hall
Maggie Sawkins
John Pearson
and Helen Rye

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From publisher Unbound (including e-book version)
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