Alternative Stories and Fake Realities

Midwinter Monologues

December 21, 2021 Season 5 Episode 11
Alternative Stories and Fake Realities
Midwinter Monologues
Show Notes

Midwinter Monologues is a collection of seasonal short fiction by 13 different writers.  We feature stories written and performed by Alternative Stories regulars such as Lewie Watson and Marie-Claire Wood and introduce some new writers and voices.  This anthology will put you in in a festive mood and help you to consider some alternative versions of Christmas.  We all have our own midwinter stories – what’s yours? 

 “The Hidden People” by Bean Swayer performed by Sally Walker Taylor

“To All A Good Life” by Lewie Watson performed by Lewie Watson

“Winter Monologue” by Marie-Claire Wood performed by Marie-Claire Wood 

“Home for the Holidays” by Jackie Jorgenson performed by Jackie Jorgenson

“The Sunday Morning Club” by Sally Goble read by Tiffany Clare 

“The Golden Ball” by Gessica Sakamoto Martini performed by Sally Walker-Taylor

“Turkey Story” By Jude Whiley-Morton read by Jude Whiley-Morton

“The Pond” by Carolyn Stockdale read by Tiffany Clare 

“Solstice” by Daniel Draper read by Daniel Draper 

“The Sun Stones” (A Solstice Story) by Kevan Manwaring read by Kevan Manwaring

“Monologue” By Ford Dagenham read by Chris Gregory 

“Trouble and Strife” By Janet O’Donnell read by Janet O’Donnell

“Unread Stories” By Maggie Sawkins read by Maggie Sawkins

 Thank you to all our writers and readers for their contributions to this podcast.  Special thanks to Lily Dunn, Zoe Gilbert and Ennis Welbourne of London Lit Lab for their help in finding us so many brilliant new writers for this edition.


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 We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our listeners an enjoyable festive season and a creative, exciting and story-filled 2022.  From all at Alternative Stories, thank you so much for listening in 2021 and please join us again for season 6 next year.

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