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Humbug, The Disciples' Disbelief-Scott Tjernagel
April 04, 2015 River City Vineyard
Disbelief is not unbelief. It is simply refusal to believe. And can you blame these poor souls? What a roller coaster week? Up____"The Kingdom of God is going to appear at once". Down____"I will not drink this wine again until it finds fulfillment in the Kingdom of God". Up___"Welcome to the King". Down____"Are you the King of the Jesus?" Like a really hard fought match point conclusion to a long, seemingly unending tennis match, the week especially Friday and Saturday went on and on, up and down, round and round. The disciples were worn thin and just could not believe the reports from enthusiastic women and travelers back from Emmaus. So what moved them from disbelief to acceptance and on to announcement? Well, that is what the story is about.
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