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Tuesday: Cleaning and Preparing - Matthew 21:12-13, Matthew 26: 17-30
March 27, 2018 Kara Hackert
At our house, whenever we have company overnight or even over for dinner, we are sure to make preparations and do a little extra housecleaning. For Jesus, at the end of his life, it was no different. His last days were characterized by these two domestic impulses: cleaning and preparing. Jesus - in one of the few recorded moments in the Bible where he was angry and aggressive - took it upon himself to drive out the commercial enterprises from the temple grounds. Jesus desired his Father’s house to be clean - to be free from the abuses of normal human commerce so that the temple could be set apart for prayer. Similarly, Jesus and his disciples took it upon themselves to make the necessary preparations to follow the longstanding Jewish tradition of re-enacting the Passover meal. A room had to be arranged for. Food had to be bought. The table had to be set. Clean water and towels had to be procured for the pre-meal washing of feet. All of this was done in advance so that the holy moment of remembering God’s salvation for his people could be remembered. Today is the day that we get ready to remember what Jesus did on Maundy Thursday when he washed the feet of his disciples, even Judas, and fed them with what we now call, “The Last Supper.” Activity: Today you are going to prepare your house as well. Turn on some music and clean together. Parent - ahead of time hide a number of rocks around the house for the children to find as they clean. This has two purposes. One, to make cleaning a bit more fun. And, two, you can add these rocks to your Holy Week display for use on Wednesday. As a family you can read about the Lord’s supper in Matthew 26:17-30. If you would like to dig deeper into the connection of Passover and the Lamb of God at Easter there is an example Passover meal in your activity packet. Purchasing and preparing the foods can connect to your day of cleaning and preparation.
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