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Good Friday - Matthew 27:45-51 and 54
March 30, 2018 Andy Pasek
There’s not much good that happened on this particular Friday. Upon leaving the rented upper room after their Passover meal, Jesus and his disciples went out to the Mount of Olives. Jesus prayed and became so distressed at what lay in front of him that he literally sweat blood from his pores. The disciples did not understand... and fell asleep. Judas had chosen this moment to betray his master into the hands of Jesus’ accusers. Panic and desertion ensued. Jesus was tried, mocked, beaten and ultimately crucified. Where is the “good” in any of this on Good Friday? We can perhaps whisper only, on this dark day, that what others intended for evil, God intended for good. That is why we call this Friday, “good.” The Roman symbol of the cross - an emblem of criminals and capital punishment - has been transformed through time into the ultimate symbol of God’s grace and selfless sacrifice. Activity: Gather a rock for each family member and write a sin or a burden you want to give to Jesus. Then take the rocks and create the shape of a cross or if you have a cross make a path out of the rocks leading to the cross. As you do this activity take a moment to know the truth about the cross and what the sacrifice of Christ means for you. The weight of that sin, that burden, it is taken away and you no longer have to bear it! Spend a moment in prayer for what make this Friday “good” to you.
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