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Easter Sunday - Luke 24:1-8
April 01, 2018 Pastor Gregg DeMey
He is risen. He is risen indeed! Christians all the over the globe (and realms unknown to us!) will greet each other with these words today. From the womb of a rocky tomb, God has brought the miracle of new life, a resurrection! The large stone that had been placed in front of Jesus’ tomb was rolled away by the power of God. The seal of the Roman government, the authority of the Roman guards, the watchfulness of the Pharisees could not stand in the way of God’s good work. Who would have guessed that new life could emerge from that cold, stone tomb? If God’s power was able to bring the ultimate life from the grave, what might he do with the stuff of your life - even the parts that may seem stony and lifeless? He is risen indeed! Activity: God raised his beloved Son, Jesus, from the tomb and rolled away the large stone that kept the tomb closed. Arrange your rocks in the shape of a circle to symbolize the opening in the empty tomb. Remember the moment where the resurrected Jesus stepped out into the bright light of that first Easter morning. Wonder about what new thing God is desiring to bring to your own life and family. He is risen indeed!
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