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EPISODE 12: Exhuming Lovecraft with Leeman Kessler, pt. 2
June 20, 2018 MORTISMEDIA
MORTIS rises from the grave yet again! Actor and Lovecraft scholar,Leeman Kessler of ASK LOVECRAFT returns for part 2 of an exclusive interview tackling the ongoing storm of controversy surrounding H.P. Lovecraft, It's a frank discussion on racism, xenophobia and fandom that's not to be missed. You've been warned. Also, Managing Editor Stephen Semones resumes his popular review series, "From the Vault" with a look at the 1974 cult horror favorite DERANGED, Finally, our own music guru Shane Parkey explores the intersection of 1960s monster kid and car culture with an exclusive look back at artist Big Daddy Ed Roth and his notoriously iconic creation, Rat Fink .
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