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The Dreamcast Junkyard DreamPod
The Dreamcast Junkyard DreamPod - Episode 47
February 27, 2017 The Dreamcast Junkyard
Episode 47 of The Dreamcast Junkyard DreamPod is here! Settle down and join your regular hosts Tom, Mike, Ross and Caleb as they reconvene to discuss the pertinent (and not so pertinent) topics from burgeoning Dreamcast scene. In this episode, you’ll be wowed by Mike’s admission that he cooks avocado on a George Foreman grill, you’ll be outraged by Ross’s tales of fake Mega Drive carts from China, and you’ll be bowled over by Tom’s knowledge of fake news from the year 2000. Not much has changed but they live under water. Probably. Other topics covered in this episode include the recent news of Rush Rush Rally Reloaded and Visco fighter Breakers coming to the Dreamcast, Alice Dreams Tournament almost being ready to ship, some guy selling repro white labels on eBay, Shenmue HD rumours, the Dream Points Bank, a little bit of Nintendo Switch chat and a few questions from listeners. Come on in, grab a seat and get some DreamPod in your ears!
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