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The Dreamcast Junkyard DreamPod - Episode 58
March 27, 2018 The Dreamcast Junkyard
Episode 58 of the DreamPod has landed, with just a two man team of Tom and Mike taking presenting duties. The skeleton crew does not mean a threadbare episode though, as your hosts discuss the latest and greatest news and topics from the Dreamcast scene. These include the new games coming from JoshProd, the wireless PS4 Dual Shock adapter from Brooke Accessory, online play between Dreamcast and PC Doom thanks to Shuouma, an update to the Dreamcast Now online service and a brand new book diving deep into the Tony Hawk franchise that pays some great attention to the two Dreamcast instalments. Elsewhere your hosts discuss obscure Taiwanese games machines, the recent interview with Bernie Stolar and historic flags and ancient Greek literature. It all goes a bit high brow in this episode of the DreamPod…
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