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The Dreamcast Junkyard DreamPod - Episode 60 Featuring Adam Koralik & DreamcastGuy
July 01, 2018 The Dreamcast Junkyard
Regular DreamPod hosts Tom, Mike and Kev are joined by bonafide YouTuber royalty in the form of not one, but two special guests: Adam Koralik and Max Shockley (aka DreamcastGuy). As ever, topics of conversation veer wildly from the point, but we know you’d have it no other way! In this episode, topics include our favourite surprises from this year’s E3 convention (and Adam’s experiences at the event), the Atari VCS debacle, Shenmue, the new Dreamcast VGA to HDMI converter boxes from Pound and Beharbros, upcoming video projects from both Adam and Max, and there’s even a special (and totally unscripted) appearance from Kev’s infant daughter. We were intending to have some questions from our Facebook group too, but time restraints meant we couldn’t squeeze those in sadly. On the plus side though, DreamPod episode 60 offers two special guests for the price of none, so it’s not all bad!
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