The Spirit Guided Life Podcast

Ep. 15. Living An Awesomely Authentic Life With Cynthia Occelli

January 07, 2020 Alex Levy and Cynthia Occelli Season 1 Episode 15
The Spirit Guided Life Podcast
Ep. 15. Living An Awesomely Authentic Life With Cynthia Occelli
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They say that the best view comes after the hardest climb. Alex sits down with accomplished Hayhouse Author, Mentor, and Entrepreneur  Cynthia Occelli to talk about living an awesomely authentic life. Cynthia shares advice on how to pick yourself back up after life changes, steps women can take to step into their feminine power, and Cynthia's insightful 3 guiding light principals.

Things We Will Discus:

- What's required to get through life changes
- Stepping into the feminie divine power
- How awareness is always the first step to change
- How Resurrecting Venus came to be
- 3 Guiding Lights.
- Why we put up blinders to our personal growth
- Much more!

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Welcome to the spirit guided life Podcast. Get ready to explore limitless ways of creating a dialogue with your spirit, including awesome guests, light worker tips and intuitive inspirations. So say yes to tuning into your heart. Be willing to trust the invisible and stand by to be spared. Guided with your host Alex leaving. Welcome. And hello, everyone. Happy New Year. Welcome to the very first episode of 2020 Episode number 15 of the Spirit Guided Life podcast today were out having a conversation about living authentically awesome life where someone I love really so dear and near. And that is the amazing Cynthia Oh, jelly. This interview was so energizing and inspiring that I had to really focus on grounding myself so I could take in these amazing pearls of wisdom that Cynthia was sharing with you. I know you're gonna love this episode, so please leave me a comment. Let me know your thoughts. And if you haven't already, please go ahead and rate this podcast. Then if you have an extra second, I really appreciate it. If you can leave us a review, especially here in iTunes to help continue to reach other light workers and heart centered souls like yourself. Cynthia Chellie is an accomplished author from Resurrecting Venus Through Hey House and Am I? She's a radio host and mentor. She helps women start over after life's toughest challenges using their feminine energy. A former ninth grade dropout on welfare, Mom Cynthia turned her life around, graduated from law school, built a successful business and raise two consciences Children hailed by President Bill Clinton as an American success story at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Cynthia's also been featured by Yoga Digest Hey, House Radio and The Huffington Post and people dot com. She's the host of Self centered with Cynthia Kelly on Unity online radio and leads a community of over 60,000 thriving women. You can learn more at Cynthia O'Kelly dot com. During our conversation, we talked about a lot. We talked about the divine feminine we talked about, living from a more place of your intuition and heart centered self. We talked about how to empower your divine female essence. We also talked about picking yourself up back up when you've fallen down, who talked about redefining what successes and so much more So I hope you enjoy this interview. Hi, Cynthia. I'm so happy that we're having this conversation today. Thank you so much for being a part of the spirit guided life podcast.

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Oh, gosh, Alex, thank you so much for giving me the privilege of being here. I'm totally honored. Thank you so

spk_0:   3:13
much. Oh, it's it's It's a real treat to have you here. So you have so many incredible accomplishments from a law degree. Real estate for an actress. You did interior design to insurance. So how did you eventually make the shift into the work you're doing right now?

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You know, um, I look at those experiences as kissing a lot of frogs and hoping that I was gonna find this prince that completed me and validated me. And I was looking the way that our society tells us to look, you know, look for letters and numbers after your name achievement, stamps of approval status, and I would get to this point and think. OK, now, now I'm gonna feel like I am really somebody, and I'm gonna be happy all the time. I'm gonna be confident all the time, and everybody's gonna know how wonderful I am. And I'm gonna It's just gonna be so natural. And I would get to these milestones and go, Oh, is this all there is? I still feel scared. I still feel insecure. Um, because I can use my brain. It doesn't help me fix my heart or my emotion. I don't feel grounded. And so I was just going through originally trying to validate myself, improve that I was worthy of a good life where they're being here. And ultimately I realized the only thing that brought me meaning was helping someone else get out of a bad spot and step into a space that they could have what they were entitled to meaning a sense of solid self and a sense that I can create what I want to create here in this life. And it's okay and that consistently, year after year after year after year, brought me fulfillment brought me wholeness, and it took out of the whole analysis. Theo, I'm waiting to be somebody. That whole ego trip that was silenced and I really found that the somebody I am is one of the hole. And when the greater good grows, I am successful.

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I love that when the greater good goes grows, you are successful. So you really allowed yourself to be of service?

spk_1:   5:39
Yeah, which isn't what where we're taught. We're taught that the saints do that because they're special and holy. But in our in our media and in our world, it's get get yours and looked good while you do it and then posted on social media and make sure it's all but brushed up. And it's very disconnected. But then we all run down these paths, and we spent our wheels, and we get in the rat race. But, I mean, you don't want to be a rat. Do

spk_0:   6:08
you know? Yeah, I Wow. So let's kind of backtrack for a second. So you were one point living in a garage with new warm baby e. Heard you say you had no heats, no high school degree. So how how in the world did you get the strength to get yourself back up and up again? Probably again,

spk_1:   6:40
right? Yeah. I think that we have the opportunity to pick ourselves up all through our lives and some opportunities are bigger than others. And that happened to probably be my greatest opportunity. And the How was, uh, you know, there's always a push and there's a pool and the push Waas. I had a baby. I was living in a neighborhood where 16 18 year old black boys were dying. Um, I'm bi racial, my son spy, racial And I was able to see that if I just continue doing what I was doing, I would force him into that world and who knows what would happen? And that was the fear. The push the poll was I had a connection to a greater energy. Blessedly, I grew up in Monterey, California Carmel, California Very spiritually open place. My teachers taught me to meditate when I was four and five years old, so I had this old practice that I had gone away from, which is what we d'oh. It's not that the good God's spirit, the goodness leaves us or favors us or chooses people. It flows, it's unchanging. We change, we go away. I had completely gone away, but as I got into that baby love with my new child, I started to get connected to the aspirational inspirational energy of creative vision, and I started to fantasize and know how powerful that Waas. I was fantasizing about a better life. A life where I wasn't on welfare. Ah, life where I had heat and plumbing and a car, a life where I had people who loved me and I could trust. And I was safe, Ah, life where I was educated a life where I was someone I was giving I was creating. I was a part of this greater whole in a positive, secure way And the whole of that became incredibly magnetic and it literally created the pathways to get out of the poverty, the lack of education, the self loathing, the fear. And in five years, I had completely bridged that chasm and was living in a beautiful home. Had a wonderful man. My son was safe. I was healthy. I was in law school. I had senator business like all of these things happened. And I have to say, whenever I hear those myself say I I know it's like the vision and the energy and the willingness is always available to all of us. It wasn't that I was special or a super lucky or anything like that. It's that I was willing to allow. It's unfold for me, and it blessedly did. And that's for everybody.

spk_0:   9:41
That's such a beautiful point. And the vision is available to all of us. Yeah, it really is. And it's just I think the allowing is kind of the what kind of almost fit in with having an awareness to like those, too. I can see or being the the first things that are needed. She kind of think that shift.

spk_1:   10:04
Oh, gosh, if we could have awareness Like I in my work I'm always talking about awareness as the first step to changing anything awareness, awareness. And even though I teach that and live that, yeah, I'm still fighting myself in places that I can look, you know, back to yesterday and go My God, if I had just been a little more aware, Yeah, if I could just stay in that space of the witness The Observer, the one who pauses and receives and allows versus the one who's making stuff happen and telling people what I think and shift and stuff and being, you know, fast and moving around all the time. If I could just Oz and stay connected to awareness, everything is always 100 times easier, and the odds are relegated to irrelevant possibility rains When you're aware.

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Mmm. So then why do you think that it is that we put up his blinders sometimes, especially when we've worked from becoming, you know, more conscious more. You know, we're doing the personal growth, the self mastery. Why do we put these binders up? Still,

spk_1:   11:11
I I am convinced that it's just part of us being human and to have the expectation that one day I will flow through reality without having any reactions or mistakes or doing anything that I look back on and I think I could have done differently is not going to happen. So if I start at that, I'm never gonna be perfect. But I certainly can be excellent. I have a better chance at getting it more right, but we have emotions. Yeah, we are in eight Lee reactive, even the most calm of us. Something will happen, and there's an inner response, and that response is usually not an aware thought out time, time tempered response. It's an initial response, and we have egos and I don't know, like I'm not one who believes that there's anybody who is so evolved on this plane who doesn't still have to grapple with that. So it's always about becoming better than you were yesterday. And if you're aware that you're putting the blinders up, you actually are the one who stands to do the very best. Because if you're deluding yourself into thinking I got this, you're gonna miss a whole lot more

spk_0:   12:36
and how much that must. That's just idea of thinking better than you were yesterday. Makes it so much easier. Just kind of lightens the load. It's it's it's realistic expectations. Ah, yeah, I really like how you said that.

spk_1:   12:50
Well, that's what I love about your work. I love that you are way out there in the ethereal realms of eternity and possibility and white hot energy and still two feet on the ground. I think that's so important, cause we're we're in this realm, you know, we have two rooms together. Not just absolutely right. It's Earth school. Yeah, I can't take the earth out of it. No. Right.

spk_0:   13:18
So So I was first introduced to your work, Cynthia, Back when you were on house radio on and you had your book launch resurrecting Venus. So can you share with our listeners how resurrecting Venus came to be? Oh gosh.

spk_1:   13:38
So resurrecting Venus is a book about empowering women, too. Relax and embrace their feminine and so empowering always sounds like so big and strong and muscular. And then you say, feminine after and it sounds like, oh, that must be weak and quiet. And I wanted to dispel that idea because feminine power is nothing less than strength, fueled by love and love is infinite, it never runs out, and it's all powerful. So this is no weak thing we're talking about. And I grew up in a house of two women and all of their community who were very much in the feminist movement, which was a wonderful thing. But they took it to mean they took it to an interpretation that meant I have to be a better man, not be myself, not be honest about my feelings, not even allow myself to be emotional but to be a better man dressed like a man. But on the hair do like a manner. But I remember one of them saying, Put your hair in a ponytail so they don't think you're weak, and it was always pretending to be strong and deny the greatest power of the feminine, which is to have feeling and to speak to hearts and to conceive beautiful, infinite, unlimited quantum creations and then bring them in the masculine TB manifested. It was sort of like cutting out a major aspect of creation. And so I wrote resurrecting Venus to speak to the idea that you can still be equal and be powerful and be paid well and be a great mother and a great woman and be married or unmarried, or do it your way and be deeply connected to the former. Then when people honoring of your heart's desires and your vulnerability and your softness and your compassion and those air actually going to catapult you to a greater level of connection and success.

spk_0:   15:51
Mmm, it's such a wonderful book. And, uh, I really recommend it. Do you have so much wisdom? And they're really glad you wrote it, and it almost seems like you wrote it before, like you were ahead of your time. I think writing this because it can't be even, I think not. The times we're in right now, it's It's it's even more, Um, what's the word? Uh, the message is even more stronger, I think.

spk_1:   16:17
I agree. I think it's timely now. It's interesting as I'm going back. I'm doing a lot of work in the family right now. And you know, when you write a book, if anybody's ever written a book or if anybody's ever gonna write a book, just know this, that when you put your opinion and your feelings, your beliefs in print, you are a growth seeking, evolving being. And in time you may find yourself looking back and pay. Whoa, I don't see it this way anymore. And there's one aspect to resurrecting Venus. And it was the aspect of the shape shifter where I said, You shift forms to succeed in a situation. So if you were going into a contentious negotiation, you would come in it in there as the most, you know, professional and you would be very much portraying that form. And if you were having a romantic time with your lover, you were in another form, and if you were with taking care of your child, you were in another form, and it was all of this accommodating the situation and creating a form just to suit it. I do not feel that way anymore. And in my own life and practice. And I know this This is just this is the sex so going to resonate with you because you're so authentic in my own life. In practice, be authentic. Don't shift into what's going to suit the situation. Bring your 100%. Bring your core. Bring your truth. Trust yourself. Live for what you think of you, not what they think of you and do your best to give yourself a strong and centered, confident, secure experience. Whatever the experiences and you will be amazed. You may still be in that boardroom of stuffed suits and you might be in there dressed like you do not belong speaking two hearts instead of mines. You will thrive and you will like yourself and you will feel that you can be anywhere. And that home is where your feet are and that's what you belong. That's what you deserve. That's the truth of your being less than 11 thing I will revise about resurrecting Venus.

spk_0:   18:31
I love it. Thank you for sharing that. I do want to talk about one of my favorite chapters in the book. Ah, the three Guiding Lights. And you say the three guiding lights are great. Grandmother whispers remain illuminating the path and dissolving darkness and pain. And I love that. Can you share? Maybe if you were those little, uh, riding with us,

spk_1:   18:55
I'm gonna have to pull it out. I'm gonna have to pull my my copy out.

spk_0:   19:01
I have it here.

spk_1:   19:05
I'm getting it too. It's so funny. I'm writing another book right now, and I am transposing chapters in getting content mixed up. And I want to make sure that I am centered in this space

spk_0:   19:17
with you while you're looking. I'm just going to read the three guiding whites for everyone. So guiding light number one. Trust your intuition. And that's that's definitely like my my main motto. Guiding light number to create and uphold structure rolls and discipline. And number three, teacher child, What it means to be a man or woman.

spk_1:   19:45
Ah, all right. I'm still all over those beliefs. I don't I think that I am just as enthused and committed to that as as ever, and I actually believe I'm even more so the trust. Your intuition is the guiding force for how I do everything. Now I am a person who was blessed with a really effective and smart brain, and for a long time I thought that that was the thing that brings you great choices, great outcomes and great experiences. It's actually not, and it's our more overrated. And it's It can be very detrimental because you can think yourself into outcomes that rob you of the fullness, the richness, the goodness and the love in life. So now I am not so happy about that, and I'm more devoted to my heart center, and I do a lot of work to stay in what they call heart entrainment and heart coherence. I use a gadget from the Heart Math Institute and before I did this show before I write before I do my own show before I work, I get into that heart centered space, and I connect with the quiet space in me so that I can be right there to catch and capture that still and smaller, much smaller voice of my intuition. I've done not very consistently for a couple of years now, and it has changed everything the way that I used to approach even my business. I would strategize and I would use all of my special abilities, um, to create plans and procedures. And now they're things like this. Last year, for example, I wanted to reinvigorate my public a platform I had taken time away and my mom had passed away, had been in grief. I took two years out and I felt into that this time last year and I let my intuition and my heart set my steps and nothing got reduced to the massive plan that I used to D'oh! And everything unfolded naturally this year. All of my work, all of my talks, my radio show. My bookings were 2020. Everything unfolded in ways that couldn't be for scene. But I was following my intuition and the prompting of my heart and that heart essence. Heart energy, to me is synonymous with the feminine essence. Sow the seeds of it. Back in 2012 when I wrote resurrecting Venus, I have now, actually it's become the mainstay rather than a part of how I live in what I d'oh!

spk_0:   22:46
Beautiful, beautiful. So are their practical steps that you can share with women to help them step into their feminine power.

spk_1:   22:58
Yeah, I mean, mostly that the foremost thing there's there's, too, And I don't know if your listeners air you how familiar or how much you work in the energy centers. But it doesn't matter, because if you're if you're not connected to the energy centers mystically connected to the meanings of the words that I that I share here in your second chakra in the sacral chakra that is the area of creation and this is not physical. This is not about how you're wired and what equipment you have for real reproductive forms. It that that's not the point. It's an energy center that is there, regardless, and that is the center of creativity, imagination, pleasure and, yes, sexual pleasure and delight when you turn your attention away from the upper centers and we're always trying to be so enlightened, but in the process we can cut ourselves off from our body, and we live from the neck up a good slop, earthly good staff and help you really feel secure and centered and in the flow of the deliciousness of life is down low and two inches below and behind your belly button is that energetic flow that will connect you directly thio the divine feminine and being just allowing yourself to receive their ending. The the idea that you gotta earn it, that you have to earn your time to feel adored, to feel beautiful, to have pleasure, to do things for yourself that are loving and kind and nice. Why only because they make you happy. That is the It's like climbing the pump for your feminine expression. When you indulge in that self loving, healthy pleasure, you prime the pump and your creativity will come behind that your ideas, the things that are really gonna bring you joy in the world. They're going to bubble. Look inside of you the next thing, which to me is God equipped with the right in hand with it, even though it's sort of next to this feminine essence idea. Is your solar plexus shock or your personal power your energy center that is the place of self worth. The right to have the life that you say that you want is how and Bleeker water splits it. She's a memory writer about the chakras and that energy of self acceptance, that energy of ending the civil war. So you no longer have a divided interior that one part of you says Yes, I want Thio. Write my book, Sing my song, Change my career moved to this town. Say yes to this relationship. Get out of this relationship. I want to do whatever it is that I want to do. And I feel it in me and the other part pipes up and says, Oh, no, you You know you can't do that. You're not. You're not good enough for that. You're not safe. You won't be able to do that. You should just stay where you are. You should play small. You should sit in the corner and tremble. You can't do that. Getting into the energy of your so worth esteem, acceptance and right to be whole and centered and accepting yourself 100% as you are in this moment. 11 except myself, just the way that I am so that the Civil War ends. It doesn't mean you don't grow. It doesn't mean you don't aspire to change things. It doesn't mean you don't become better. It means you stop cannibalizing from the inside so that you have all of yourself on the same side. You take that centered space into your feminine energy and you can transform anything.

spk_0:   27:03
That's great. I appreciate that. And I I'm right with you. I'm I so many people in this in this work, they we all want out. You're right. Well, we live. We we focus so much on these higher chakras and we're just not in our bodies. Yeah, And I remember my at one of my energy healing teachers was always kind of reinforcing that idea, like, get back to those lower chakras. So that makes so much sense how you broke that down. So I

spk_1:   27:34
think it's not popular. It's not well, it iss sexy. I was gonna say it's not sexy, but it actually is incredibly sexy. It's no with the spiritual, you know, we're always thinking I need to become more compassionate, more enlightened, more giving more centered on the world, and I'm all for that. But I have to tell you that in our communities, the community that listen to podcasts like this that seek out your work that work with me instead of beating them over the head with a golden rule in saying, you know, I could really help you by teaching you that you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What I find more is that I'm asking them if you spoke to your friends the way you speak to yourself, would they still be your friends? And they think, Well, no. So it's almost like this reverse of the golden rule. How about you treat yourself as well as you treat all the others? Because while you're up there in those heady shock rest your feet aren't grounded and you are missing out on your own Goodness.

spk_0:   28:34
So much so true. So Santa you've coached so many people have coached CEOs, celebrities, entrepreneurs, you know, regular, you know, working moms. So do you find coaching such a diverse group of people? Is there a common thread or a theme really connects all of these people.

spk_1:   28:57
Yes, yes, yes, yes. And it's just it's been very enlightening for me to realize that I have coached people who couldn't afford my rates, and we came up with bartering because I really wanted to be with them all the way up to women who are in control of billions of dollars and have international roles in very powerful positions. And there are some things that just stay show up every single time, and one of them is, what will they think of me? What will others think of me? And another is, I don't know if I'm worth it. I don't know if I'm good enough. This worthiness and this worry about what others think is a pervasive and unfortunate part of how we live and the more that we can release it, you know, there's a lot of writings out there about it. Don Miguel Ruiz take nothing personally, living their own dream whenever someone looks at you. When I look at you, there's nothing I can do to stop myself from seeing you through my own filters. When I point at you, I am pointing at you and I'm seeing you through my own biases and limitations. And what's fortunate for me being me is that I am immersed in personal development, working possibility and spirituality. So I'm looking at you, and I'm seeing potential now someone else who's been through a hard time. This is not to judge anybody or say that other people are mean and bad and, you know, negative. It's like if you've been through a hard time, if you haven't been able to achieve your own dreams, if it's been, if something's been rough on you, that's the bias that you bring. So all of the judgment that we we get from others isn't about us. It's another person's story, all of the times that we stay small because we're worried about stepping out of the herd and being thought about or what someone else might think is for the most part, manufactured. We are imagining people and putting words in their mouth and then imagining what it feels like when they say them. Most of that doesn't even happen. No, but it can act. It conserves to stop you from stepping into your greatest expression. So a lot of the work that we D'Oh always with all of my clients is about getting out of that, getting awareness of it so that you can both intellectually realize, Yeah, I'm doing that. It's not them doing that. I'm doing that and stepping into complete and total self acceptance and realizing there's a book by brawny, where called the top five of the Dying. And the number one regret is I wish I had lived the life that I wanted to live instead of what those expected of me out of the life that others expected of me. And when you realize that this is this, individual life is the one time shot, and this is not about your soul dying. Your soul's eternal. But this incarnation is unique and special and brief. And when you get centered and focused on that as the center of your life versus on what someone that you've invented or they may exist or they may not exist might think when you can turn your attention to where it rightly belongs, you can take the actions and about into the world in the way that you want toe. Look back on when it's your time and the sunsets on this life.

spk_0:   32:55
I love that. So I I love your definition of success. This this is awesome. You say success can only be defined by you, and you're entitled to give your all to creating the life you want. That is so beautiful. Cynthia.

spk_1:   33:14
I've learned that the hard way. You know, I I tried really hard to become successful. Um, you know, it felt like such a I felt so worthless. And I felt like such a mistake that I really swung for the fences to try to validate myself. And for anyone who feels like they need thio achieve whatever thing to become complete, I want eo actually not true at all. I know, because I've done it. Um, yeah. Really. Uh, it's it's a lot. So much better, too. Get into your heart center because your heart doesn't have an ego. Your heart's not not in fact, it by shiny things. Um, and ask it to inform you of what has meaning, what is fulfilling and what is right for you. You are designed with the attributes to achieve the purpose of your life. You creation is very brilliant, not cruel. Everything in creation is designed to to do what it is, what its purposes. And oftentimes we think, Oh, my gosh, I have a passion for our But only only you know, losers do art. And there's only starving artists. So it must not be what I'm here to do. It's just like some evil trick played by the universe that my desire, my deepest magnetic desire is art. But I'm gonna go do accounting because that's what I should do to survive. That's not the way it was supposed to be. The things that you are drawn to are there for a reason. It is a divine conspiracy because we are created to be drawn to our purpose. We are created to be drawn to what will be fulfilling for us. And if you get yourself caught up in the should Sze of society, you can go so far away. But inevitably, assuming that your life continues, you will find yourself hitting a wall, and that's when I usually meet. Most of people who work with yeah, they get to that is this all there is and they come and they lament that the road that they should have taken the right path a quote right path brought them to a place of emptiness. And then they go back and we rebuild, using their essential energy and their truth, and we build their vision of success.

spk_0:   35:48
So we really have to stop being our own worst enemy because that's when we can really step out of that mental suffering.

spk_1:   35:56
Oh God. And it is. It's There's such an unnecessary bout of suffering and it's so complete and you're right and we are the ones. There's nothing blessedly because we live in the Western world. We are, for the most part, physically safe. The thing that's going to get in our way is us. Yeah, it's our thinking. You're our fear.

spk_0:   36:21
So if what guidance would you give to someone who may be listening, who's just may be going through a really hard time? Maybe they've fallen down and they're having a hard time picking themselves up. What piece of wisdom could you share with them right now?

spk_1:   36:36
Ah, the very first step in that process is Thio. Breathe and get back into the present moment. And even if the present moment is hard, you can always handle this moment. And that's all you ever have to D'oh! Yeah, this singular moment, the past is Don, and there might be some good stuff there to mine for lessons and get tools and fuel for a brighter future. But when you're overwhelmed, just this moment and the future is not here yet. And as you anticipate and future rise in a way that's negative. You can actually experience what the effect of the negative experience imaginary negative experience would be in the present moment, because your mind can't tell the difference. So become. Take the lens of your life down, narrow and tight to this moment. Put your hands on the things around you. Take a breath, count your blessings because there's always something to be grateful for and be here In this present moment. The next thing to Dio is, too. Stop the negative self judgment. It's too. Be the person you would be if this happened to your very good friend that you love so much. Talk to that. Talk to yourself the way you would talk to that person. Settle and center and ground in. When I work, I do a lot of work with starting over and the first step of starting over. I call it triage, and it is stopping the damage. It is getting centered. It's making the very brave and necessary step of asking for help wherever that help is needed. And that helped. Could be you could be medical help. It could be legal help preserving assets, making good choices, not letting things fall apart. It could be spiritually help. It could be a friend, but it is stopping the damage. And beginning Thio gets solid where you are. That's what you do to interrupt the negative momentum in the downward spiral. The next thing you do will impact what happens over the arrest of your life. And that is make the commitment, even if it's hard for you. Its commitment that you have to make is choose to be better. Because of this event and not bitter. Make that commitment and that commitment. You can make it even if you don't understand how. This is a paradigm shifting commitment that will signal to the universe the direction you're taking in the universe will marshall itself around you and help you down that road.

spk_0:   39:24
Yeah, that's that's amazing advice. Thank you for sharing that. You're welcome. So I thought it would be fun to do a little rapid fire question round. You ready? Oh, yeah. All right. Who do you admire the most?

spk_1:   39:43
Wow. Wow. How could you stop me? I'm, like, ready to go on with fast fire question. Who do I admire the most? Oh, there are so many people. I'm I'm struggling. Um, well, I'm gonna destroy it. Describe a woman to you that I admire for being out of the box independent and sort of cutting her own cloth in all of life. She's 83 now. She is a kn immigrant, a minority. And she came up from nothing created the life that she wanted, went through incredible hardship and came back in a way that she became financially extraordinarily successful but turned around and has meant Ward Gosh, thousands of people supported problem how to fish really transformed. In my view, I admire this type of person the most because when someone faces adversity and comes out of it raining joy, goodness and love over the world, I am called to action and feel like this is this is the whole meaning of Well, why we're here. Beautiful. What's your favorite color? Um, my favorite color is is is I don't even know what it's called, but it's Fiji. Fiji blue. It's the color than the water in Fiji.

spk_0:   41:09
I love that. Yeah. What's the most delightful word you could think of? Possibility. Yeah. Awesome. If you were running for office which your slogan be, Oh, you are the most powerful person in your life. Yes. What advice did you give? That was the most rewarding.

spk_1:   41:35
Oh, you know what? I give this advice, and every time I give it, I feel like I have just received something 10 times greater. You are the source of your limitations, and you are the answer to releasing those limitations. And when you believe in yourself and take action, you will earn yourself retract self respect yourself press and your self worth. Nobody can stop you from doing that. And no one can take it away from you.

spk_0:   42:05
Oh, that's powerful. I love that. What's your favorite flower? Uh, P n e. And where will you be in three years? Cynthia

spk_1:   42:17
who? Oh, um, I will be holding. I'm gonna challenge myself right here. I will be holding two finished published books. I will be speaking and continuing to share inspiration and helping women start from what they think is nothing and step into their greatness. And I'll be doing that all over the world.

spk_0:   42:45
I'm so excited. I'm so excited for you. So I know people can work with you one on one. You have some courses you have on event coming up. I believe in February with Celebrate your life.

spk_1:   42:58
Yes, I do. Um, I have You can go to my website Cynthia kelly dot com. I have the starting over process. That is what I'm really working with women on right now. I do one on one coaching. I have all of the courses from the program. I used to run a store on a program twice a year called the Beautiful Life School. Those courses air now available individually along with a bunch of free resource, is as Cynthia kelly dot com, under free guidance, have a bunch of email, Siri's and the things that have resonated with people the most. And in 2020 and the February beginning in March, I will be a part of these. Celebrate your Life Soul Fest, online Summit and it is going to be absolutely amazing.

spk_0:   43:45
Awesome, and we'll put all that information in the show notes for our listeners, and I want to ask you a question. I asked all of my guests, and that is how do you stay? Spirit guided. Oh,

spk_1:   43:57
that takes me back to your second of the three the three guiding lights discipline. There's no fancy fancy magic here. I show up and the same way that I am going to brush my teeth and take a shower. I'm going to get centered, connected to my heart and touch base with source. I'm going home before I go anywhere else.

spk_0:   44:18
I love it. And do you have any final words for us?

spk_1:   44:23
I just want to say thank you. I want to say thank you for being such a warm and important beautiful soul that brings such pure and loving guidance to a world that is in desperate need. Ur water to a thirsty world. And I'm still grateful to know you.

spk_0:   44:42
Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Cynthia. This has been a true pleasure. You so welcome, Alex. There you have it, everyone. Thanks for listening to this episode of the Spirit Guided Life podcast for show notes and more details on how to connect with Cynthia. Head on over to Alex. Leave eonline dot com And don't forget to lead a review. Subscribe, And until next time, stay spirit guided