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June 08, 2021 Hip Hop Flex, Og Kid Turbo, Tio Moore
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Og Kid Turbo gives his insight on the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight, YBN Nahmir and YBN Jay Almighty wanting to demolish each other after being childhood friends, and the new Lil Durk and Lil baby project! He also questions albums that the fans have anticipated that haven't been released yet including Culture 3 from the Migos, Certified lover boy by Drake, and missing projects from Joey badass & Kendrick Lamar. 

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Yo, welcome back to the hip hop flex Podcast. I am your host. OG Kid turbo. And we're doing something a little bit different today. So I don't have my co host to more here with me usually he's here discussing All the shenannigans with me, but he's busy in the studio cooking up right now got some very special coming Oh, and also making sure that studio get right so we can come back live in person for yall but it was too much craziness that happened over the weekend. So there was no way I can just hop on here and discuss all of that with y'all. So we're gonna get right into it. And if you ain't already go ahead and hit that download button. Go ahead and hit that like button. We've got to go crazy today. So we got a probably one of the craziest, most anticipated money making events in the past 10 years. I mean, it's probably only a couple of events that were bigger than this one, and evolve and evolve. It involves the same guy, the same legend. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about Floyd money. Mayweather and he boxed a YouTube star Tick Tock star, legendary last name. I'm talking about Logan Paul. I mean, this fight was incredible. If you if you watch the you know, compared to a lot of the other celebrity fights, this was probably one of the best shows we really guys put on for us. I feel like Logan really held his own never and when Mayweather ran Mayweather definitely didn't go easy on him you know there was a lot of times he got caught with a good hook Bizimana video floating around right now saying that float actually kayode Logan and actually had to hold him up to try to prolong the fight. I don't know if y'all seen that clip but check that out that's floating around on social media and i mean i don't know honestly watching it I was just blown back by you know Logan even keeping stamina keeping pace with Floyd up into the last round. And you could tell he's really in there having fun with it float is in there having fun with it. There was definitely certain moments where it got heated. If y'all saw towards the end of the fight Floyd actually ended up you know, choking out Logan Paul dead deer with the forearm look like he's getting a little bit mad and I can't blame them you know usually flows in there he's able to make light work of his opponents. But like I said, Man, the maverick Logan Paul up and coming YouTube star but he really seems like he's serious about this boxing game and I know it's a lot of boxing fans. It's a lot of professional boxers out there. That's real mad at this fight even happening. It's probably millions, not millions, but you know, plenty of boxes that wish they got this opportunity to fight Floyd and somehow out the Woodworks. Logan Paul was the one that was elected and I'm sure both of them went home with a great payday. I'm sure both of them went home you know happy with their performance and at the end of the day, you know visually some people might have thought that Logan you know, rock Floyd or put did this that but if you look at the stats, Floyd does what he does best and he you know, reserved, didn't throw too many punches. didn't do too much. But he's still landed more than Logan. He still blocked more than Logan and he threw less punches which is insane. If you looked at his accuracy, I think he had 50% accuracy on his power punches compared to like a 20% or maybe even lower from logon which is ridiculous but you know, it was an amazing fight. Jake was ringside even though they said he wasn't gonna be there he was gonna be banned but allegedly on a podcast after there was words that about Jake actually supposed to have dressed up and more costume if he was really bad? And you know, Jake really is I keep calling him or I refer to him as the six nine of the of the YouTube world you know, without the extras, you know, I'm saying because six nine did things that I mean, we already discussed that I ain't gonna talk about like, not here today. But I feel like Jake Paul, he's a troll. You know, he knows what he's doing. He knows how to sell the fight especially. I feel like in the fight world, what he's doing is exactly what you got to do it. I know none of us probably have received Floyd as bad as he would. But he got his hat stolen, which is crazy. You know, Jake saw he guys had it many wanted to clubhouse chat where he then allegedly, you know, took his chat over, or at least tried and then quickly was kicked out. And then at the end of the fight, he was damn near in tears after Logan made it to the last round and said hey, we got you covered too. I mean, it's crazy. I don't think he got fluids career in any type of way. But he knows how to, you know, use his words to stir up the crowd and whatnot. And Funny enough, there was some footage showing him getting kicked out of a party that allegedly was Mayweather is after party and he's getting exploited out with his couple, a couple of homies that he pulled up with but who knows If that was really a fight or not shits crazy, you know, Jake just does the most for the attention and that's why I'm really excited to see his fight with Tyron Woodley. You know, I feel like that's gonna be insane. It's gonna be incredible. We're gonna have to see how that goes. And, you know, let me know in the comments though, if you think that Floyd did knock out Jake, you seen our footage or Logan? Also, I want to speak about some of the other fighters I know. There was a boxer that was actually on the Tyson card who secured the dub which was the undercard right before the Tyson fight jack you know went in there secured that that when also we had Ochocinco when there Ochocinco in the army from football, he went boxing You know, he went in there and he didn't do like Nate Robinson you know transferring from another athletic sport into boxing he looked like Nate you know saying they went out crazy man hit the mat but you know I mean like Manhattan to you hit the mat like a gap down like I got damn wrestler that you feel me otro cinco you know His performance was pretty well from you know how everybody received that. He actually had a tweet at the end he said it was fucking amazing again meryton fucking real boxers and fuck you like that bombs are going crazy. I'll tweet it for you though. He had a good time. And then he got knocked down one time which I know that went viral immediately after I have him. But you know, it was kind of crazy to just to see where these celebrity fights are going and Soulja Boy might have been the first one Soulja Boy might have been the first one to play these celebrities audit celebrity fights and you know bring that concept into the mainstream but who knows? I don't know who the first celebrity fight ever was an interesting question to try to find out if y'all know the answer to that makes the out though that in the in the comments to let us know tweet at us at hip hop flex, let us know who was the first Liberty fight or what was the first Liberty fight that got y'all interested. But before I wrap it up with the fight, Mayweather did say in the post fight conference, that this might be his last fight ever. Which is crazy. I mean, an illustrious career from Floyd Mayweather, you know, began at teenage years might have only one. I mean, last one, maybe amateur fight when he was young, but never want a professional never lost a professional fight. 50 an hour to this day. You know, what he did was amazing. And then after retiring, quote, unquote, and still working out every day and you know, ready to eat these eggs up, went on to fight Andre Berto, which gave him his 50 went on to fight. I forgot his exact name, but it was a fighter. The best kickboxer in Japan, he went out there took out immediately. And then another very notable fight with Conor McGregor being the first one to you know, bring in at least in America, across genre of fighting sports between the UFC and boxing, which was unheard of and still secured to victory against someone that was bigger, taller, you know, stronger than which is you know, it just goes to prove may what's going to have a long lasting legacy in the sport, you know, and who knows, maybe you'll come for another exhibition, you know, maybe he'll take the Soulja Boy fight. Maybe he'll take a grazie that the fight but you know, it's it's crazy to see what Mayweather does crazy to see. So moving on. I don't know if y'all been paying much attention. But why bn Almighty j and Wahby and Amir. They've been going through a little beef lately and I think this this Logan Paul Mayweather fight might have inspired them just a little bit because they got up on the ID live and they were talking all types of mess about each other and while being said he had a what why being j Almighty's s hit him with a fucking punch to me hit him with the rk o coming out of nowhere back in high school when he was chilling on the bus and allegedly day on mighty hex named some words about one to Kitt Loomer doing some reckless and while I'm yummy why being a mere had to go pick up mdta skills on brought him to the back you know was spamming that be button bah bah bah yeah I mean again all this hits in but allegedly they trying to go out and do what soldier and Chris Brown was supposed to do set off the first celebrity fight and now this is crazy because they both from the same group they came up together you know and I'm here was kind of the first one to blow out of the group and then he also brought jail mighty and Core Data light which now core day seems like he's added a group I wonder if he'll come back and referee for this fight. That'd be a sight to see. But who would you guys have your money the thing the mere would have fit up and got mighty would have fit I don't know. You don't say I don't know who would give who to mix honestly. That'd be a good fight but I feel like both of them is never gonna turn out to be a real celebrity fight. You know what a too busy smoking blunts and name hopping on no treadmill no time soon so I wouldn't get my hopes up to watch that fight. But if I did see it. I don't know. I don't know who I put my money on. Honestly, you know? No, I don't really know. They both kind of skinny I don't know. What's the gut for a height difference? You know, but it probably be a crazy featherweight, bro. I mean, it might look like what you see in a Burger King parking lot, late night. And I mean, where my fries that someone stole my fries. I mean, all that blew up. But who knows, man, maybe we'll have to just wait and find out see if that comes to life. And there's a bunch of tech talkers, youtubers ultimate, also entering the space which is kind of crazy to see who knows where it's gonna go from here. When it comes to the fights man who knows what's gonna come from it go from here. But really quick, yo, if y'all want to save yourself a trip to the market instacart delivers groceries and as fast as one hour. And they connect you with personal shoppers in your area, and they deliver groceries from all your favorite stores. So, you know, if you don't got time to go to the grocery store, you're looking to have that nice meal ready when you get home and you don't got all the time to try to look up a recipe or do this that you don't really want to order out either. You can just have instacart, delivering healthy groceries, junk food, you know, your little snacks that you might like on a weekend, they don't matter, they'll pull up on you. And you can actually get a free delivery on your first order over $35 or more if you use the link in the show description. So if you go and check out that link, you'll actually get a free delivery on your first order of $35 or more. And you know is the cart super worth it? They don't they go straight up, bring groceries straight to the door boop boop drop them off, no contact delivery, we know the COVID mean nobody want to get to Cody's So, you know, I mean they go accommodate all your needs and all that and all that good shit. So go ahead and mix your rock with instacart in the description below. And moving on man, we got we got the voice in the hero. collab project by little dark and low, baby. I mean, this was a pretty crazy project. I enjoyed it. I gave it a quick listen over the weekend, and I thought it was pretty dope. You know, I love to see dogs come up there. It's honestly on another level. Now. Derek has been around for years, you know, doing this thing. And he's someone that we love to see making music. I personally loved watching this journey. I remember the saying what you Wow. I mean, those were the days when low dirt was dropping them the most shy rock bangers, you know. And now he's finally on songs with Drake, you know, songs with me. Now I got a whole project with a little baby who he shot up immediately, you know, he had a lot quicker rise to the mainstream than load directed. But seeing them come together is amazing, you know, put out a project for the foot of people, you know, and they had a couple of dope features on there. They had the song hats off that they had with Travis Scott. There was still running, featuring meek Mills dope to see me kind of pop out, give us a verse. You know, he's someone that we're waiting on to drop more music, he did drop a little freestyle and whatnot. But we need we need some more than that, you know. And you also got to see a cool little verse from Young Thug. And a nice speech from odd wave to which he dropped this project. Not too recently, Doug dropped this project not too recently. So it was dope to see them kind of feature on you know, this project to didn't feel like they had anybody out of place on here. You know, they did they think it's what you'd expect from a dark and a baby project. You know, they're rapping to was, you know, high ability, he's kind of, he started off with the no auto tune, went back into the auto tune vibes. And now he's on the auto tune rats. And he's given the straight bars. We know babies already been delivered when it comes to bars. So that ain't no different than it was before. But this this definitely was a crazy tape, you know, baby coming off of his big songs on Canada album. I feel like this is just kind of boosting them up even more in a mainstream film in his fan base. It's definitely a great project. But a little Third Man dark mode and going through it show go through it. I mean, since the beginning of his career, you know, coming from Iraq is not an easy place. It's a war zone. They say. I mean worse than Iraq, they say. And they don't got no army training. They got training from the streets. The streets raised everybody out there. They raised Chief Keef. Low recei 30. Oh, and, you know, just recently, the streets took someone real close to a little dirt. Now was his own brother, the bank. And the bank was actually his manager, too. They see he was shot and killed outside of the Chicago nightclub, which unfortunately just sounds like another street story from Chicago. It's It's insane to see, you know, even just within Dark Zone career. his close friend King Vaughn was murdered his artist as well. And that was just recently last year in November. And then Previous to that, he also lost another member of his group, his friend and his previous manager. OTF Chino dolla, which is also crazy. And to add even more on top of it, though Derek's own cousin early on in his career back in 2014, OTF, Nunu was also murdered, unfortunately, and it feels like dark really just can't get a break, you know, finally, not even probably recovered off the king bond situation, you know, trying to do his best to stay consistent with the music try to give the fans what they want. Just recently after King Vaughn, and now his own brother and manager, you know, brutally murdered. It's just another another sad story story to hear from Chicago, it's nothing we want to see, you know, I don't know, you know how they're gonna handle this one, but it's probably gonna handle it, how he's handled everything else, you know, but it pays out to dirt and family, all that, you know, it's tough time. He's going through tough times. And we just hope he keeps his head high. And he can continue to do what he does. Because, you know, I feel like a lot of the times we forget these artists really are just humans and they have real emotions. They're going through real things. And when you see things like this, like you don't know what they're going through, especially being in the limelight. People love to talk and people love to say this that people like to say that even some of his own death songs and music is the one that area the thing that got him into these situations, but will never really be able to tell the streets are ruthless, you know, so, who really knows how a lot of these situations began and how they played out is all we really get to see and then speculate is all that we do. But, you know, shout out to little Dirk again. You know, amazing project, he dropped a little baby. Oh, he keeps his head high. I know he's going through a lot. Shout out little dirt. And what I really want to get into after this kind of going back to Logan Paul fight the Mayweather fight the Migos I want to go through those sections. Real quick right here of albums that we're still waiting for, you know, albums they may have been announced albums that may have been previewed, you know just ones that are kind of an error and starting off with the Migos they at least finally gave us a drop date and announcement date of June 11 2021 so we're gonna have to see if you know I'm saying with this album because there was a lot of there was a lot of talk around their last couple albums you know, everybody went solo a little bit for low Bay and nobody really moved the group broke up or what they was doing if they was just taking a break, but it seems like quevedo offset and take off back together forming the trio that we love for culture three drop in June 11 though some firing emojis though some oh whoa, Mama in the chat in the comments if y'all are ready for the album to drop I mean I know it's gonna go crazy straight and it was already a pretty dope single and they perform that at the Mayweather fight pretty crazy to see them three back together moving you know an event like that that was perfect to set off you know tape whoever got them in that position probably q probably p you know their labels amazing it putting their artists in the limelight so that was a great look for them. They just haven't dropped any other singles from the project so I'm curious to hear what it sounds like who knows you know maybe they're going left field with this one they did have the we going crazy another you know song off a calculus tape but who knows if that's going to signal towards what they're doing. I don't know if seems like that's I'm callin maybe put them into like another world cow that was trying to drag them into I don't know if that's the direction they're chasing. If they're just gonna do what they do best but I know me personally as amigo fan. I really want to sheep I'm trying to get back to them good old culture one days. The first culture bro even before to first culture to the quality control tapes on me get checked out the bando Fight Night. I mean Migos when these first coming up was going stupid crazy. And that's what I'm trying to see. Now. I want to see them go crazy. You know I'm saying like, stupid guys. By no capsulate anyway, we need them back on top in action. Going crazy. There's probably going to be some good features on here. I can already predict I'm gonna make some predictions. I make some predictions. This was recorded before the album jobs so me ain't drive no tracklist yet no night so this is just all speculation. I'm gonna say they got cardi on there. You know, I feel like offset had to swing that alley up for the group got cardi on there? I feel like possibly a Travis Scott. I feel like they always gonna make some Travis Scott, you know fellow Atlanta, Titan. I feel like they probably don't have monetate I feel like they definitely go crazy every time they sound together. Their sound. This just mesh perfectly I know they worked with a lot of same producers and on a lot of tracks in the past, so tribes future would definitely be dope. And I can also foresee you guessed it a young dog feature on average, because let's be real. Is there any project that drops in today's day and age that is not the kind of artists that really does. He's Kingsman. He's just gonna slither his way up on everybody project. You know what I'm saying? He just, you just record a banger at his young age. He just appeared like Houdini. And I mean, he used to be in there. Hey, hey, whoa, whoa, and then get the exam you'll get on a tray countdown, but you won't even know where he came from. I mean, he's gonna come in and not even say much and he's gonna walk right up to the mic. gonna drop you a whole fire verse and Amen, you could do about it, you're gonna have no choice but to accept diverse, backdrops diverse. No cap Slack, keep getting my backpack. I mean, I, I'm excited to see Doug on that project. Hopefully he is I don't want to be disappointed. But that's I feel like that's the main thing with this project. I just don't want to be disappointed. I don't want to be disappointed because culture tomb knock on La wasn't a great cultural one. But it definitely was still a fire album. So fire project. But then when everybody went off and did their solo projects, it was getting a little iffy. For me, I'm not gonna lie. Everybody had a few songs Don't get me wrong. I know, y'all fired up brain firing. But there was a couple of songs, you know, on each person's project that was like, Okay, these are cool songs. He's a dope, but I feel like it's overall projects, they didn't really put on the table, what we would expect from top tier artists at that point. You know, my guess when you're looking at the Migos, you're not really looking for full on top two lyricism. But I feel like there was just something about them being together about their synergy, you know, trade and ad libs with each other, mixing it mixing up on the verses with each other, that was just so much more dynamic, and so much more entertaining. For the air, it was like, again, three features on every song again, three, you know, vibes. And even if it's just two of them on the song, they still rocket going back and forth. So I really want to see what they do on this project. And hopefully they run it up. I'm gonna say they sell a good 120 5k first week, I feel like the 100 range 100 plus range, they got that first week is the Migos. They're big enough, they're on a roll right now. I feel like they'll run it up. I feel like they'll run it up pretty easy. You know, I feel like they'll run it up. And if you tried to run it out, I started a podcast, but sprouts the spot for you. You know, today's a great day to start your own podcast, whether you're looking for a new marketing channel, have a message you want to share with the world. Or you just think it'd be fun to have your own talk show like this talk shows. And let me I'm just sitting here in my boxes right now just talking shit. And I mean, and we need sponsors. 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Get you know some logos made assumption on Fiverr. And yeah, we'll let you fail me. So make sure y'all go ahead fuck with us. Hit that link in the description. Sign up for buzzsprout start your podcast today. But on to the next album. This one I feel like we all been waiting for annoying the only one on this one. And you know it's been teased and golden waved in front of our faces you know I'm saying like you are getting there easily be waiting for this fucking album. And that's Drake's Loverboy Oh, we ever really don't get this project. I really thought was gonna get it after the Super Bowl last year where where Drake was in a little State Farm commercial and he had to love the little heart bubble haircut heavy heart symbol in his bank of he first of all Loverboy I don't know where Drake got this title. I mean, I guess technically he's always been that dude is singing on the tracks and some people call him a Sam early on whatever, whatever. But I don't know about Loverboy title. I feel like we might even get a project that has an ultimate title and then Loverboy is almost like a Young Thug cartoons where we thought we were supposed to get it and we technically did get it but they just changed the title upon us and then we oh he said like I'm still waiting for hot dog food and I'm still waiting on about job I'm still waiting for a latte. You feel me so if Drake dropped the lover boy I think he's at a point where he knows he has a job something so ridiculously top level. I mean highest that a high standards because the way that Drake's run has been is incredible. Like, he's he's pretty much took the torch from Wayne and springboarded and brought it to a whole nother level. And he's dropped too many hits. I mean, he has a song with a billion now with God's plan. I mean, he has multiple hood records, you know, classics, he has multiple classic projects. So it's he's has so much undeniable music to the point where it's like, he knows he's getting into that legendary spot where all eyes are gonna be on him for So, you know, and they're gonna be so critical. Looking at him going into this project, we're gonna really want to see them know. You know, in the last couple of projects, he dropped a bunch of songs he did dropped a little warm up project, little warm up project, and it had three or four songs on there. I thought some of them were pretty dope, you know, see what happens next. I thought that was a dope record. I thought of him getting back Ross was amazing. I feel like anytime they're on a track, especially us late, they've been going crazy. absolutely stupid. Ross also surprised me with his longevity. You know, he just knows perfectly how to just get on the right records and pick the right beat selection. That's gonna make him sound like him. Do what he do still hit us with amazing bars. You know, he never lost his lyrical ability. I feel like Ross is really one of them. ones where you can be doing 2030 different things, but he'll never lose that skill, making music. And that's just like Drake, you know, you know, he has ovivo he has his artists he's handling. You know, even though some people might call it a sweatshop. We don't know what's going on. And maybe we don't want to be getting too much music from party and there's others but I feel like Drake is going to drop a monumental, monumental, monumental month. Monson continental monumental album is gonna be amazing. It's gonna be off the charts. He says 4,000,000,001st we don't even give you the 4 billion no cap. But if he flops, if Drake flops, it probably honestly won't even matter. I'm leaving all that. I was gonna say it could be the beginning of the end of his career. And people were saying that when he's getting booted flog now, at Tyler's event, but who knows? I don't really know if that's gonna be the end of his career. You know, I feel like he's just built such a career. He's gonna pretty much just go into legend status and even if he starts dropping people just gonna say, hey, he had too many bankers. We're still listening to his songs from four or five, six years ago. It don't matter. We got enough amazing music from Drake. He can talk for the rest of his life. He can do whatever you want to do probably just live off royalties. Probably doesn't even have to do another show. You know? His last video was at the Nike factory. The Nike fucking headquarters like, come on, bro. Ain't nobody doing that. Ain't nobody doing it like Drake right now. But a let's What do y'all think? What do y'all think? y'all think we're gonna get Loverboy? y'all think it's gonna be a five out of five stars? Yeah, I think he's going to be a little shaky. You think he's going to be doing rapid more half and a half r&b? What do y'all think in the comments, let me know. And we're gonna have to see what happens, man. Hopefully by the end of the year, we get this Loverboy project if not, amen. It's up in the air. Who knows when we don't get this project? You feel me. But next project that young might not really be expecting too much. But I really feel like it's been a lot of waiting time. A lot of you know, curiosity to why we haven't gotten a project. But Joey badass, you know, he's someone who had a lot of potential. I feel like to really be one of the great lyricist. And, you know, he started at a really young age job. 1996 1994 something like that. Damn. I'm real joking. I'm real. Joey Fey though. Don't get me for this. I know Jacobi. calivita covers like, well, you don't even listen to what he wrote. You need to start listening to fucking bad asheboro before the money booth. Come on, bro. I was listening early on, I found an affinity with my shit. I saw that shit every day when it came out. But Joey man, I feel like he has such high potential. I feel like he really could have been touched in the day coals and, and, you know, be considered that top tier, but a lot of people also I feel like slept on his last project. I feel like all American badass was really a top tier well put together project all around from Joey, you know, he hit. He was really, really, really pushing on political views at that time. So maybe that's why I kind of got lost and we'll work a little bit because you know how that kind of goes and rappers try to speak their mind about politics fix things like that. I mean, for some people, it works, but I feel like he was given too strong of a message and I feel like they don't like too strong of a message to be out there in the media like that. But who knows? You know, I really feel like Joey still has potential to do his thing. He dropped a little light pack on us. Three song EP, I believe 2020 early 2020 You know, it was cool, but I remember him tweeting. I just dropped three songs and y'all are mad that I only dropped three songs like even we met john three song bro. We need a project manager PR o gct. Okay, like dollars for five minutes It ain't gonna cut it. All right, Joey we need the real full length. I mean, so hopefully we get some good from him you know he has he did recently tweet this Joan that he's got a project in the works and it might be coming soon so hopefully that's news exciting maybe ended this year top next year that we're gonna get and enjoy because I definitely enjoy some Joey badass no cat. Probably one of the most not even underrated but just under appreciated artists from New York, you know, especially for when it comes to keeping a traditional, like a lot of the you know, older folk are the more other statesmen in the game speak on. They always want that traditional sound. They always say lyricist is dead. But I feel like Joe is really one that's keeping it alive. So we got to give him his props while he's here doing his thing while he's young. You know, I'm saying he had a kid and, you know, you want to experience life even shaved off the dreads, which is a little bit different. You know, so we don't get the we don't get the bow. Hey, Joey. You're gonna see what the bobblehead yo we can give us. I mean, maybe who knows. Maybe he was Ghana in Beijing? Because you look like Lil Wayne, as well. You're not bro quick. But who knows? I do want to get to this last album. We're still waiting for this one. I know everybody's gonna wait, you know? And honestly, I've been waiting on it. You've been waiting on him. I've been waiting on it. Kendrick Lamar, where are you? My guy? Where are you? Kendricks been missing? Like that. While you see when you leave in Walmart. Regarding missing kids on it like oh, milk cartons back in the day Kendrick is gone. Like we might need to put out an amber alert for this guy cuz he hasn't dropped No, nothing. We haven't seen him really do too much. You know, and his last project was crazy. It was killer off the charts. Like he was really running things with his last projects. You know, what I really admire about Kendrick is his ability to, you know, john rad band and not even john or Ben but, you know, be so fluid without the different sectors of hip hop, I'll say, he knows how to make a song that the kids are going to fuck, where you know, it's how to make a song The old heads are gonna fuck with, you know how to make just a straight up hit. And then also putting together a project that's so well knit and so deep, and you always have to go back to even if you go back to his older projects, I'm talking about good kid mad city, arguably one of the best projects of our time, you know, for artists of our generation, probably one of the top projects and I don't think a lot of people would argue with that. You know, Kendrick is really one of the goats and tonight got a project and like two plus maybe three, almost going on maybe four years now is pretty ridiculous. You know, we definitely want to see what he wants to do. I feel like he's in the same boat with Drake. He's probably I feel like that's what those people that stop doing surprise, Jay Cole. We didn't get more, you know, from the top artists around his time. We did get Kodak we did get, you know, I think another project but I feel like Drake and Kendrick are gonna probably pick around the same date to drop. Because you know that, you know, they like to do that they'd like to compete on that same Friday, see who's gonna stream who more and who's gonna get the most downloads? Yeah, I mean, but I don't know. I want to see I really want to see what Kendrick does. I feel like, what's his message gonna be this time around because he always comes around tries to push a strong message within the music while still trying to have fun while still trying to relay you know, positive messages, especially for black community. I feel like he's definitely a pillar, you know, tries to do what he can to support. I know he was out in the protests. They caught him out with the ski mask on because he's too popular. You really can't go out there just hot but I mean, I guess that's arguable because you see people like Jay Cole to go out there no mask, you know, everybody knows who he is. And he still can be on the front lines. But you know, everybody shows their support in different ways. So I get it. Like pay that we need them. Okay, that bothers me that ADHD we need that rigor mortis we need that cartoons cereal back. We need that even that last prop like Kendrick really doesn't hasn't had a miss. So I just hope this one ain't a miss. I know it's gonna go crazy. What's your favorite Kendrick song or which is which one of Kendricks albums do you think is this top tier so far? Do you think it was this last one? Do you think it was good combat city? Do you think it was dependent butterfly? You know cuz he has plenty of albums you can argue with top tier. You know, we're better than the other but I wanted to hear what y'all got to say. Let me know in the comments what y'all think? Let me know. Let me know. Let me know because Kendrick Kendrick really does go crazy on on all of his songs. I'm trying to hear more man trying to hear more. Trying to hear more. But that looks like is really it me I don't really got I did. So that's all I really put down on the list for today. Hopefully I missed nine too important. We're gonna come back with another episode real soon. Next episode I'll probably have to one of the other hip hop flex gals out here with me. We're gonna be doing doing interviews again real soon, you know, Corona really fucked this up. But we took advantage and went ahead and now we're building out the studio. Like I said, we're gonna come back to your live video footage, you know, great content. We got a couple other shows in a week, so it's gonna be great. Make sure y'all Stay tuned. Make sure if y'all haven't already if y'all made it this far, your real life flexor. So make sure y'all throw both forms in the air and flex. Yes, sir. And don't forget to hit that subscribe button like comment. We doing this for y'all. We're doing this for the people. We have our flex baby ain't no more to it. 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