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Harlem fave Christina Lewis Talks Harlem Boys In Tech

November 08, 2019 Christina Lewis Episode 61
The Harlem World Magazine Podcast
Harlem fave Christina Lewis Talks Harlem Boys In Tech
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Show Notes

Listen to Harlem fave trailblazer Christina Lewis, founder of  All Star Code, as she talks black boys in tech, her father Wall Street legend Reginal Lewis and more with host Danny Tisdale, on The Danny Tisdale Show.

Christina Lewis is a member of the Board of the Reginald F. Lewis Foundation and Chair of the Class of 2002 Associates Committee for Harvard College, her alma mater. She is also on Hunter College’s Computer Science Advisory Board and is an angel investor and advisor to other entrepreneurs. Prior to founding All Star Code, Christina was an award-winning journalist, including five years as a staff writer for the Wall Street Journal. All Star Code is a nonprofit organization founded in 2013 that empowers young men with the skills, networks, and mindsets they need to create new futures through technology. The Summer Intensive is All Star Code's flagship program, which is a free six-week coding experience featuring both technical web development skills as well as soft skills for high school sophomores and juniors who identify as male. The Intensive is currently offered in NYC and Pittsburgh. 

 Charles Phillips and Ryan Williams have been named to All Star Code’s Ambassador program – which is an advisory group made up of renowned executives and start-up founders that will serve as role models to the students and help establish a pipeline of traditional and ambitious young entrepreneurs.

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