Getting Your Sh*t Together

A bih catches up with you all!

May 13, 2020 Cynthia Season 2 Episode 14
Getting Your Sh*t Together
A bih catches up with you all!
Show Notes

What's in this Episode?

Just saying hello, my friends. Just a check in, no set topic but a check in with you all. The world is still...crazy, Most of us are still in our homes (and if you're not -- thank you for the work that you do for us), either way I wanted to just have a laidback catch up convo.

First, an announcement! My online friend @blackgirl_ on IG is throwing a "Sober Sistah's" Meetup for black and mixed race ladies every Wednesday at 7pm UK time. So, if you want to connect with some international sober ladies of color, join the fun! You can find more info on her IG.

But anyway, I just wanted to be open and transparent about where I am. Hopefully, you can relate and I'm always up for questions or advice. Next week, we will be back to our regular programming but you I said, this show will be atypical and rough around the edges like yours truly!

Stay safe out there, friends! Here is the link to some online AA meetings. 

And as always, thank you for listening to my lovely show. If possible, I would love for you to review me on iTunes, Google, Stitcher -- anywhere, really. 

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