Getting Your Sh*t Together

Q&A: Do you have to define yourself by your recovery?

January 22, 2021 Cynthia Season 3 Episode 10
Getting Your Sh*t Together
Q&A: Do you have to define yourself by your recovery?
Show Notes

Hey, friends, hey!

I got a Q&A from someone who listens to the show about my stance, view, thoughts on balancing being in recovery without having to be defined by it? And this can apply to whether you call yourself in recovery, sober, etc -- your word choice is well...your choice.

This will be another short and sweet one and my first in 2021! WHAT?! Anyway, this question was interesting to me because of some of the changes that I'm going through.

My two cents is that you should be the one to define yourself. Whatever feels good to you (cue: Yoga with Adriene -- I love her). I think we get into our heads with what to label ourselves, how it comes across, how out there do we have to be -- when it's not about that. It's about changing our lives, growing for the positive, and if you want it to be what defines you? Great. If you want it to define you right now because you don't feel shame about it? Groovy. If you'd rather not and keep it personal, right on.

We have to do what serves us best in this life.  I have grown so much since starting this show, while I love what I'm doing and who I have met as my recovery or sobriety has grown stronger, I've decided that I want to start amplifying other voices and talk about other topics of interest within the recovery community. Will this show talk about recovery or addiction on some level? Yes, but as I grow -- the show will morph a bit. I hope you stay on this wild ride with me.

Take a listen. Let me know what you think? Agree or disagree?

Stay safe out there, friends! Here is the link to some online AA meetings.
If you're looking for a black therapist or resources, check this out!

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