Getting Your Sh*t Together

Boundaries and the Holidays!

December 02, 2021 Cynthia Season 4 Episode 2
Getting Your Sh*t Together
Boundaries and the Holidays!
Show Notes

Hey friends,

Closing in on the end of 2021! Can't believe it but looking forward to what 2022 will bring!

Wanted to jump in to chat about the holiday season. We're in the thick of it and it can be YAY for some and MEH, grumble, grumble for others.

For me, I love Xmas music but the rest...I could take it or leave it!

This episode talks about holiday boundaries! How we can feel good about ourselves, stay centered, honor our truth and put some checks in balances together to remain sane. Because we need it. This can be used for times outside of the holidays too -- fyi.

In this episode, we will chat about:

  • Different types of boundaries: Physical and emotional
  • Tips on how to implement physical boundaries
  • Tips on how to implement emotional boundaries
  • Tricks on dialing into what makes you + you for parties, dinners and gatherings

Stay safe out there, friends! Here is the link to some online AA meetings.
If you're looking for a black therapist or resources, check this out!

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